Interesting Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

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Vincent van Gogh is one of the most talented artists in the history. He became famous all around the world through his wonderful paintings. Van Gogh had great skills and expertise in painting, which helped him to master this field. The fame and admiration his works still get is a symbol of how deft van Gogh was with painting. The van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to this great artist, who created wonders through some strokes of his brush. If you plan to visit Amsterdam, then van Gogh museum tour should have a top place in your must-do list.

Even though everyone knows about van Gogh’s paintings, his life story is unknown to many people. In this article, we list some interesting facts about van Gogh which remains unknown to many.

There were four other Vincent van Goghs in his family.

Vincent van Gogh was not the only person with this name in his family. It was the name of his grandfather, and was given to his stillborn older brother. Artist van Gogh was named after this brother. The name was also given to his brother’s son.

He only started painting at the age of 27

It is shocking news for many people, but is a true fact. Van Gogh started his career in painting when he was 27. At the early stages of his painting career, he portrayed some sad and harsh realities of life. One of his paintings “The Poor and Money” (1882) is an example for this.

He attempted many other careers before becoming an artist

Before becoming an artist he tried his hands at many other fields, like an art dealer, preacher and a school teacher. But unfortunately he was not able to succeed in any of these careers. Van Gogh made the announcement about becoming an artist in a letter to his brother Theo in 1880.

He was not commercially successful during his lifetime

It is hard to think that van Gogh, the creator of many world famous painting was a failure commercially when he lived. In fact, he thought to have sold only one painting during his lifetime.

He took his own life

Van Gogh suffered mental illness for many years. Tragically, he committed suicide in 1890. He shot himself on the chest and died two days after that. His last words to his brother were ‘the sadness will last forever’.