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The Dutch capital, Amsterdam is an iconic city that is full of culture and history. A walking tour of the city will offer you interesting sights and memorials of great people. You can find many monuments and artworks in your Amsterdam tours. Many of them can be found around the center of the city. If you are on a private Amsterdam tour, head to the center of the city; the odds are that you will walk right by the statues and other attractions.

Below is a short list of monuments in the center of the city that you might see, with small description about the monuments to let you understand what you are looking at.

National Monument, Dam Square

The National Monument at the Dam Square is one of the most iconic sights that you will see during your Amsterdam tours. This is a World War II monument and is a national memorial to the people who died in the war. This monument becomes the focus of a ceremony to commemorate the war victims every year on the Remembrance Day.

Homomonument, Westermarkt

This monument located on the Westermarkt is made to commemorate all homosexual men and women and all other members of the LGBT category who were persecuted due to their sexuality. The monument is located near the Westerkerk church and is shaped like three pink granite triangles. The design is based on the triangles that homosexual people were forced to wear in the concentration camps at times of World War II.

Spinoza Statue, Zwanenburgwal

You can find the statue of one of the greatest thinkers of the seventeenth century in Zwanenburgwal, located between Nieuwmarkt and Amstel. Baruch Spinoza lived between 1632 and 1677 and his thoughts centered on personal and individual freedom, freedom of belief, and tolerance. His thoughts can function even today to support survival of the ever-changing society.

Rembrandt Statue, Rembrandtplein

The Rembrandtplein is situated between Herengracht and Amstel, and is much loved by Amsterdam tourists for its nice terraces and atmosphere. You can find the statue of the famous painter Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn here. The statue is a classic example of Dutch sculpting and shows the painter standing and holding his tools, a palette and stylus. The front part of the statue has the name “Rembrandt” and the back says “Hulde van het nageslacht, anno 1852.”