Movies That Captured Amsterdam Locations on Celluloid

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Amsterdam has been the location of several Hollywood movies as well as art house products from Europe. Many films have been shot on location across Europe, and the Netherlands’ capital certainly belongs in the top of the list of film locations. Of course, this is not a huge surprise, as the city itself is home to many picturesque locations, none more scenic than the canals themselves. Below are a few movies that show you the beauty of Amsterdam.

Diamonds are Forever

The Magere Brug, which was made before the Second World War, joins the banks of the Amstel River. Also known as the “Skinny Bridge”, it served as one of the locations for the James Bond movie. The film, starring Sean Connery, and produced in 1971, also captured other Amsterdam locations on celluloid. Take a stroll along the Reguliersgracht; the “Bond Girl”, Tiffany Case, lived in the canal area.

Ocean’s Twelve

The sequel to Ocean’s Eleven may also attract you to take Amsterdam tours along the locations featured in the second in the heist movie trilogy. A couple of them are the Dampkring Coffeeshop, situated along the Handboogstraat, and the Pulitzer Hotel.


It is no coincidence that Dutch actors, Daniël Boissevain and late Antonie Kamerling, made cameo appearances in this American blockbuster, which was partly shot in the Dutch capital. The cast of the film, starring Christian Slater in the main role, presumably had a wonderful time shooting in the Amsterdam-Noord neighborhood. While it is set upon an island and tells the tale of a traitor amidst FBI agents, the scene set in Amsterdam North is less treacherous. The neighborhood is typically full of hipster events, so do not forget to wear knit caps, even in the summer season.

The Fault in Our Stars

This rather uplifting tale about star-crossed lovers established Shailene Woodley as the star to watch out for. The movie was so popular among teenagers that even the bench at Leidsegracht shot to fame. The actual bench was stolen in 2014, incidentally the same year in which the film came out; do not worry, it has been replaced now.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

This movie tells the story of how some locals kidnapped the beer tycoon, Freddy Heineken. As it is based on a true story, the film had to be and was shot on the actual location where all things unfolded. That also means you can recognize the beautiful Dutch canals, as being ones from the film, when on a tour Amsterdam program.