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Amsterdam has a very attractive set of buildings that are capable of impressing any traveler. With over 44 museums, 55 theatres and performance halls, and much more besides, Amsterdam is a real cultural treat to visitors. The good news for people who love this sort of thing is that several new attractions have arrived in the city. These are worthy of living up to the city’s reputation of showcasing unparalleled beauty. Below is a discussion on some of the top new things to get up to after your Amsterdam tours.

Jordaan Food Tour

This lets you bring together your love for engineering, history and conventional snacking which fills the city streets. You will come across eight owners who serve Dutch treats; for example, herring, Baka Bana (browned plantain with satay sauce from Surinam), puffy poffertjes hotcakes, pan-fried bitterballen (flour-covered balls, typically loaded up with meat) washed down with a neighborhood drink.

Guide Jelte van Koperen guarantees you the share of intriguing facts. He clarifies, for example, that canal houses slant forward by a couple of degrees to make them look taller. This was not because the builders had enjoyed such a large number of pints of India Pale Ale.

A’dam Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout, housed over the IJ River from Amsterdam Central train station, offers another approach to getting high. The housetop porch of the building, Lookout, offers 360-degree views. The attractive factor, though, is a couple of metal swings that reach out over the edge of the structure. As your legs suspend about 330 feet in the sky, there’s only air between you and the city beneath.

You will require a beverage after that, and A’DAM Lookout has no shortage of such choices. Taste a cocktail from Madam as you admire the numerous exhibits about Amsterdam. You can also save a table at Moon revolving restaurant, or hit the Butcher Social Club on the ground floor. They serve delightful burgers in a parlor-like environment along with a billiards table, computer games, and pinball machines.

Martijn Kort

In the event that you would prefer not to cross the river a while later, you can book a room at the recently-launched Sir Adam hotel. It has a stylish aesthetic and a music theme which reaches out from a “disco lift” all the way to the records in rooms and turntables. There is also a “room administration menu” of guitars which you are free to play during your stint here.

Check out the above new attractions if you are visiting Amsterdam.