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The city of Amsterdam instills the weary traveler with warmth and openness- two things that make this city in the Netherlands a must-visit in your bucket list. From Rijksmuseum to the canals, there are several spots that are frequented by many Amsterdam tours, but there are several hidden jewels that are often missed when you tour Amsterdam.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the little intricacies that make Amsterdam the city the world knows, we have penned down some of the must-sees:

The Python Bridge

This is an interesting bridge that spans across the Borneo Islands in the Eastern docklands and Sporenburg. It is a red footbridge that can’t be missed even if you stood a mile away.

The Eye Film Institute

The Eye Film museum is a modern museum that is related to everything film and cinema. It is also called the ‘House of Films’. The museum boasts an impressive collection of 37,000 film titles, 60,000 posters and numerous  books about the birth of the film industry in the country. If you want to get a slice of the culture of the Netherlands, then taking a visit to this museum is a must. There is no better way to learn about a place’s culture than to see the rich cinema around it.

The Woonboot Museum

The Houseboat Museum is a traditionally furnished houseboat that allows visitors to get a glimpse of how life was in the canal back in the days of black and white. The freighter called the Hendrika Maria, constructed in 1914, houses the museum and has in it displays of life before the modern era.

Be careful when you are stepping onto it, as the museum is literally in a boat!

The Nine Streets

The nine picturesque small alleys of Amsterdam make up the nine streets. These are the passages that have hordes of boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. This is truly a shoppers paradise. You will find plenty of local goodies that are bleeding with Netherlands culture. There are many unique pieces that will help you remember Amsterdam when you are back home.

These are the lesser-known places in Amsterdam that are often missed, but that will not be the case for you. There are plenty more places in Amsterdam that are waiting to be revealed for the curious traveller in you.