Places You Can Visit For Free In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Private TourAmsterdam Private Tour
Amsterdam Private Tour

Amsterdam Private Tour

Amsterdam has a lot to offer people. From the blissful floating flower market to the memorable museum visits, the place will definitely enthrall you. Not to forget that Amsterdam is not very cheap which can be because of the sea of tourists visiting the city every year. All seasons see busy people, exploring lives and making memories. But, Amsterdam has more than what money can buy. Here is the list of beautiful places you can visit for free in Amsterdam.

Enjoy The View Of Flamingos At Artisplein

This is a public plaza located on the northern side of the Artis Zoo. Located inside this spacious plaza is a restaurant, Café Restaurant de Plantage’s, which has a terrace in the plaza facing the zoo. The terrace is beautifully arranged with tables and chairs for people lounging on the terrace. You can relax while enjoying the delicious food from the cafe and the view of flamingoes spending their time merrily. While you are here, you can also see the unique fountain which is like a racetrack that spurts steam and water.

Lose Yourself In A Free Concert At The Concertgebouw

Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw is one of the finest concert venues in the world. It is known for its wonderful concerts on classical music and orchestrated acoustics. Concertgebouw offers a free lunchtime concert once a week that mostly includes famous musicians for free.

Climb The Amsterdam Central Library

While the flat terrain of Amsterdam is the best for cycling, this makes it difficult to spot vantage points here. It’s difficult, but not impossible. The Amsterdam Central Library allows free entry throughout the week. Being very tall, it offers an admirable view of the picturesque neighborhood and the beautiful canals. The sight of Amsterdam from this height is truly mesmerizing especially on days with pleasant weather.

Go To TheDappermarkt

Amsterdam is not short of markets and each of them are known for its style and selection. They offer everything from fresh mouthwatering food to hand-knit woolen sweaters. When Albert Cuyp Markt in de Pijp or Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam-Centrum has more shoppers due to their central location, Dappermarkt which is near the Amsterdam-Oost Park also has equally attractive products. People who prefer a lesser crowd will enjoy their experience in Dappermarkt more.

Explore Amsterdam Bos

Amsterdam Bos is a large park which is almost thrice the New York’s Central Park. It is meant for recreational activities like hiking, cycling, swimming and boating. Located in the southern suburbs of the city, it has different terrains making it the choice for different people. The park itself has many attractions in it like an open-air theatre, a goat farm, etc.

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