Private Van Gogh Museum Tour

Private Van Gogh Museum Tour

Exploring the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Private Van Gogh Museum Tour

Van Gogh Museum

The largest collection of artwork by Vincent Van Gogh is housed at the Van Gogh Museum and the museum is one of the greatest attractions in Amsterdam. The museum is conveniently located in Museum Square and is a must-visit place for any tourists to Amsterdam.

The Van Gogh Museum

The museum is divided into two buildings and in spite of the high volume of visitors to the place, you can have a pleasant and great experience owing to the ideal layout of the museum. The museum was designed with guests in mind and can accommodate large crowds easily.

The main building houses the permanent collection, with some temporary and rotating exhibits as well. The main building has four floors and one of the floors has the café and gift shop. One floor houses the works of Vincent Van Gogh in chronological order. Then you can see the floor that is dedicated to painting restorations and some temporary exhibits. Finally, there is the floor that is dedicated for works of Van Gogh’s contemporaries, which focus on Van Gogh’s influence on art.

The other building houses only the temporary exhibits and the building can be accessed through an underground tunnel that starts from the main building. There is also a library associated with the museum, but is placed in a different location. However, there are study areas provided on each floor of the museum where tourists can go in depth in their study of art and artists.

The Van Gogh museum believes in encouraging the next generation of artists, and it offers extensive programs that are aimed at children. These programs include drawing competition for children from the age of 4 to 12, diorama making, treasure hunts, and guided workshops. In addition, kids are even allowed to have a birthday party with activities, but only under the guidance of the museum staff.

As the Van Gogh museum is one of the most popular museums of the world, and with more than a million and half visitors each year, the queue can be very long. So it is important to confirm with your private Van Gogh museum tour operator that the tickets are purchased in advance to ensure that your vacation is not wasted waiting in long queues for tickets.