Rijksmuseum Gardens Displays Artworks by Louise Bourgeois

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The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam city displays many of the artworks created by Louise Bourgeois, including her sculptures namely “The Blind Leading the Blind” and “Crouching Spider”.

The spider that stands on attenuated legs provides quite the sight to those on a Rijksmuseum tour. It is one of the many Louise Bourgeois creations which have not been shown before in the Netherlands. The exhibition “Louise Bourgeois in the Rijksmuseum Gardens” is the first to bring these outdoor sculptures to the nation.

An Exhibit Devoted to a Singular Talent

Louise Bourgeois is one of 20th century’s most important and renowned woman artists. She became famous for her monumental spider sculptures.

It is unusual that a single artist’s body of work so closely reflects their life that it appears to embody specific feelings and events. The twelve sculptures on view at the Rijksmuseum property form a very intimate journal of themes that recur in Louise Bourgeois’s life and work. For instance, many of the artworks relate to her childhood. The monumental works “Crouching Spider”, “Spider”, and “Spider Couple” can be perceived as homages to Bourgeois’s protective mother, who was a weaver. Louise Bourgeois’s aluminum sculptures, which hang from wingnut tree branches, allude to her dad’s habit of storing furniture items by hanging these on roof beams in their house’s attic. “Youth” (inspired from Bourgeois’s own life) and “Motherhood” are two recurring themes in her work, as are friendship, fear, the body and materiality.

More on Louise Bourgeois

Bourgeois was born and brought up in Paris. While she was at École des Beaux-Arts and École du Louvre, she studied at studios of artists like Fernand Léger. After her marriage to Robert Goldwater, an American art historian, she moved to the US in 1938. Because she distanced herself from prevailing American art movements at the time, it took a while before her popularity began to spread like wildfire. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) held a first-ever retrospective devoted to a woman artist, Bourgeois herself, back in 1982.

“Louise Bourgeois in the Rijksmuseum Gardens”

The one devoted to Louise Bourgeois is the seventh exhibition in an annual series, which started in 2013. Earlier editions of this series were dedicated to the works of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Giuseppe Penone, Jean Dubuffet, and Eduardo Chillida.

Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

You can book the guided tour until November 03, 2019, which will take you through the display of sculptures in the Rijksmuseum gardens. The Rijksmuseum tours cost €75 a tour for up to fifteen individuals and have to be booked two weeks in advance.