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Amsterdam is famous for its architecture and its rich culture. Yet not many know that out of their several traditions, chocolates are a big part of their lifestyle. So not to include the chocolate mania in Amsterdam is like missing out on something unique to this country and its culture. Below are a few suggestions on the best chocolate shops to visit on your Amsterdam tours.

Chocolaterie Pierre

Chocolaterie Pierre is a shop run by the family behind it and is an open kitchen chocolate shop. The most attractive feature of its products is that they are all made on the same day. Their 70% dark recipe is said to be so enticing that they could even convert those who dislike chocolate. Their latest outlet is open at Haarlem; but you can also order online and get the chocolates delivered to your place.

Chocolaterie van Dam

This chocolate shop won the award for the best Belgian Chocolate recently. They have been in the chocolate business since 1901 and their reputation is the best reflection of the chocolates they produce. They are of the idea that great chocolate could be made from cream, vanilla, chocolate, and butter. Interestingly, visitors can watch the whole process of chocolate making at an open studio. They even conduct three hour-long workshops where you get a chance to make your own chocolate.

De Bonte Koe

These guys had an unexpected beginning in 1992 when its founders conducted a small workshop in chocolate making. The whole idea expanded into a chocolate shop then spread out its branches. They wrap their gifts in small boxes and their chocolates are mostly custom-designed. They work in direct association with the farmers and sell chocolates in smaller quantities too, in the form of bars.


This chocolate shop can also be seen as a gallery that exhibits and sells the best bunch of chocolates from around the world. They focus on unique artisanal chocolates and sell a delicious set of varieties. The place also offers single-estate hot chocolate, premium origin teas, as well as locally roasted coffee. They even welcome chocolate consultations.

Hop and Stork

This is a great place not only for buying chocolates, but also to enjoy their chocolates on the lounge. This chocolate shop is situated within a Dutch UNESCO monument built in 1885. It has a chocolate factory under the ground floor apart from two tasting stations with separate terraces. They even made a new combination with chocolate and cheese; you should definitely taste old Reypenaer cheese with a chocolate dip.

Lara’s Chocolaterie

This hidden chocolate shop offers Belgian chocolates in different varieties. The chocolatiers in Lara’s Chocolaterie follow 60-year-old recipes. They receive a fresh delivery of stock every month and their products are absolutely delicious. With a variety of fillings in different shapes and sizes, the place is a paradise for every chocolate lover on Amsterdam tours.

Puccini Bomboni

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Puccini Bomboni has been delighting the Dutch taste buds for the last 30 years. With larger-sized chocolates than most other shops, they offer a diverse range of texture and flavors that are pretty much ecstatic. They pay great care while selecting their chocolates and their products are certainly not to be missed.

K&K Chocolate Atelier

Located in the city of Maastricht, the K&K is said to be the smallest chocolate factory in the world. They are famous for producing top-notch chocolates with the finest ingredients available. They sell their handmade products to hotels and restaurants, which include personalized orders too. They even have multiple locations across Amsterdam to sell their chocolates categorized by the percentage of chocolate contained in each bar.

Ganache Amsterdam

Located in the heart of the Dutch capital city, Ganche Amsterdam is a great outlet to grab some of the best chocolate flavors of the Netherlands. Their chocolates are made bite-sized to allow you to taste all the best ones at once. They use flowers, fruits, and the finest spices in one of their specials – Flower Power Truffles. Their unique delight, Seabuckthorn Cornflower is also a favorite among its visitors. Its location, in the scenic and peaceful De Oude Kerk, will also add to the taste of its chocolates.

Chocolate Atelier Puur

This chocolatery was founded in 2006 when its owner, Peter, decided to experiment with the Valrhona variety of chocolates. Their specialty is bonbon flavors, although you can find some exotic varieties also, such as Red Port, Absinthe, Stilton Cheese, Black Current, and Caramelised White Chocolate. They use no dyes, fragrances, or additives in their products, and the ingredients to make them are brought in to the store straight from the plantations.

This place is ideal if you are planning a party. They have many customized chocolate products where you can sculpt someone’s portrait on the chocolate bar. Moreover, they also conduct interesting workshops for both adults and children.