The Hippest Guide to Western Islands at Amsterdam

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It would be the ultimate dream of almost any traveler to tour Amsterdam at least once, mainly because of its enchanting natural beauty. There are many interesting and quirky neighborhoods in the city, sure to give you a decent idea of what real Dutch culture really is. A trip to Amsterdam city can never be complete without exploring these charismatic vicinities. One of the best places that you can visit when you tour Amsterdam is the Western Islands. The in-depth guide to this harmonic locality is given below.

Western Islands

Located in the northwest corner, the Western Islands make up the artsy neighborhood of Amsterdam. This beautiful place is at a 10-minute walk from the central station; you can also take a bike tour to reach here within three to five minutes. It is to be noted that bike riding is one of the main activities that you’ll find see here. Still, strolling through this serene environment is the best way to spend some quality time. On the way, you can see many vintage drawbridges and old warehouses that will give you an outlook on the true Dutch culture.

There are many picturesque homes and artists’ studios along the walkway, which are, however, closed to the public. Fortunately, tourists can explore the Ravestijn Gallery in this area, which hosts many photography exhibitions. Apart from that, the famous islands over here are the Prinseneiland and the Realeneiland. These isles are named after the first three princesses of Orange, and a 17th-century merchant, Reynier Reael, respectively. Below are some of the best sights to behold over here.


This neoclassical gateway, also known as Willemspoort, was constructed in 1840 with the intention to replace the former five city gates in the city. One of the interesting things to note is that the Haarlemmerpoort has been used as a police station, public work office, and fire station. Later, in 1986, it was converted into apartments that now offer a breathtaking sight in front of the waterways. Currently, this area is one of the best places for the tourists to stay, and an important landmark next to Westerpark.


At the borders of Western Islands, Westerpark is one of the most cherished places in the city. The main attraction of this area is that it’s a beautiful park with green lawns, water fountains, playgrounds, designer paddling pool, a couple of tennis courts, and a barbecue area. Apart from this, the terrain is also crammed with multiple artistic cafes, designer boutiques, and art galleries. There is also a petting zoo, a community farm, and a natural playground behind the park.