The Top Cycling Routes in Amsterdam

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If you are visiting Amsterdam, you will surely face the prospects of cycling. Amsterdam is a city that promotes cycling and it is a great way to move around the city. There are dedicated pathways for cyclists in many parts of the city. It is an eco-friendly and fun activity too. There are several cycling paths located around the city meant for those spending a considerable amount of time on their bikes. You can get bikes for rent when you are in the city. Consider visiting the below paths if you are looking to spend time on your cycle during your Amsterdam tours.

Purple Route: City Expedition of Sights and Canals

Travel around the city on a bike as this route covers many of Amsterdam’s most attractive sights near the heart of the city. This ride will give you a genuine feel of the city as you move beside the canals and stop at important places. Explore the famous Jordaan and the Nine Streets. Later, you will move past the Anne Frank House. This would be followed by Stroopwafels at the city’s top market Albert Cuypmarkt. This is one of the most recommended routes through the city as it lets you get a vibe of the Dutch capital.

Green Route: Forest Ride

Amsterdam has a good deal of green spaces in the city outskirts where you can take your bike. In case you are looking for a green engulfed ride along with the trees, this route is for you. Enjoy nature’s vibe as you pedal along this path. It is lined with huge trees and is ideal for cycling. You will reach Amsterdamse Bos as you take this route. The urban forest of Amsterdamse Bos is a surprise in the city. It contains several lakes and is a good spot for a relaxed picnic too.

Blue Route: Shorter City Ride for Beginners

This is a shorter route intended for beginners, yet it covers many attractions along the way. It takes only 20 minutes to complete if you do not stop along the way. You can take a smooth ride alongside the canals and follow the circuit which passes through the central region of Amsterdam. The attractions on the way include the Science Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the Hermitage Amsterdam gallery.

Cycling is one of the top activities to do and a great way to explore the Dutch capital. Consider taking the above routes if you want to experience the city in an attractive way.