Things Adventure Lovers Can Do in Amsterdam

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One will have a normal tendency to think that Amsterdam is a completely urban area. Although the city is indeed urban, there are some places in the city, which offers outdoor adventures to the tourists who are on Amsterdam tours. The canals and waterways of the city offer water sports, and the forests and parks provide spaces for cycling, climbing, running, etc.

If you are a person who loves to have adventures during your trip to Amsterdam here are some suggestions, which you may consider for the same.

Go Cycling on the Countryside

Cycling is one of the most important outdoor activities you may do in the city of Amsterdam. Cycles are used as the main means of transport in the city. On the other hand, many people do cycling as a sports activity in the city. It is not wrong to say that you will find a large number of cycles than the number of people in the city.

The city center will not be the ideal area for those who are looking for quiet and peaceful cycle rides. For such people, there are special cycling paths, which are designed for the purpose. In the south of the city, you can find cycling paths in the famous Flower Strip. In the North, you may try cycling in the Volendam and Marken areas.

Go Kayaking

There are canal tours available in the city of Amsterdam. Although this is a thrilling experience in itself, you can have more adventure if you choose to go on kayak boats through the canals. There are some kayak-guided tours you may choose from. Otherwise, you may choose to rent a kayak and go on to explore by yourself. If you are looking for an undisturbed and peaceful kayaking experience, you may choose to go to the south where you may find an ideal location for you.

The Amsterdam forest in the south can be that place where you can enjoy kayaking for a long time.

Go Skating on the Ice

You need not necessarily have outdoor adventure only in the summer season. In case you are visiting the city in the winter, you may have an adventurous skating on the ice. The canal waters will freeze in the winter and skating over the ice will be fun and thrilling. There will also be many other special places for skating adventure.

Go Water Sporting on a Beach

Since there are so many beaches in Amsterdam, both the locals and tourists are fond of playing water sports on the beaches. Windsurfing and kite surfing are the popular ones that people usually love. There are also new sports items coming to the list in recent times.

Make sure that you try out some of these adventures during your Amsterdam tours.