Things to Know about Open Gardens Days in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the beautiful Dutch capital, is sure to amaze each and every visitor right at first glance. The place is nothing less than magic, especially with its natural landscapes and tulip blossoms. The latter you can see in almost every nook and cranny. Apart from that, wondrous architectural aesthetics, museums, parks, and splendid gardens, contribute to the overall ambiance. It’s small wonder if the city reminds you of one of the places usually shown in fairy tale movies. In fact, Amsterdam is one of the major locations for movies and photo shoots.

Amongst all the attractions in the city, the gardens here are truly spectacular; you need to visit these picturesque locations at least once. When planning your Amsterdam tours, it is ideal to plan for sometime in June if you want to explore the beautiful canal house gardens in the city. At that time, the city celebrates the Open Gardens Days. Below are some details about Open Gardens Days that may be helpful for your Amsterdam tours.

Open Gardens Days

Some of the most popular attractions in the Dutch capital are the canals here. Hidden behind these picturesque canals are some outstanding gardens and courtyards. Unfortunately, these beautiful spots are not accessible by visitors other than during Open Garden Days. That is, the gardens open the doors for the travelers once in a year in the month of June, for just a weekend. During this time, you can explore around 30 mind-blowing canal houses, and their gardens. Note that the Open Garden Days in 2017 were June 16 and 17.

Canal Belt and the Gardens in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam canal belt is one of the incredibly beautiful sights you can enjoy while in Amsterdam. It mainly comprises of 3 canals that run parallel to each other and partially surround the city center. Here, you can see many luxurious houses belonging to rich merchants. The main highlights of these beautiful houses are the amazing gardens in its backyard. These places are perfect to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere.

Here, the gardens are enriched with lush and exotic plants imported from faraway lands. The luxurious houses beautified with exotic gardens are sights to behold, especially during the summer. Note that the price of enjoying these spellbinding sights is 20 euros per head.