Things to Remember before you Visit Amsterdam Coffee Shops

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Amsterdam is famous for its collection of coffee shops, which sell marijuana for smoking and other cannabis products legally. However, smoking weed in public places can still get you in trouble. So it is important to keep certain things in mind when you plan on visiting any of the coffee shops in the city during your Amsterdam tours.

Ask What you Need

Always let the staffs know what you want. Many people make the mistake of waiting and consuming items beyond their scope. Hence, it would be much better if you tell the staff whether you need something heavy or just some light stuff. Try a big café if you want to sit and relax, or head out to a local coffee shop if you just want to shop. Note that there are different varieties of shops in Amsterdam city; some offer a great selection of food, drinks, and great music too.

Be Careful with Edibles

There are different varieties of edibles available in Amsterdam such as cakes and cookies. These might have traces of hashish or marijuana and are generally used as an alternative to smoking. Although overdose is not the concern here, people sometimes overdo the eating part and end up spoiling the mood. In fact, some of the coffee shops here have stopped selling edibles in the wake of their past experiences.

Do Not Smoke in the Streets

The coffee shops across Amsterdam were created so that people can sit down and relax while smoking. Therefore, it is better to avoid smoking in public places. In addition, do not smoke in restaurants and normal shops unless indicated that it is allowed. Besides, do not smoke if you were driving, as it is considered as an offense that is on the same level as drunken driving.

Do Not Smoke inside your Hotel

The coffee shops are dedicated to those people who love to smoke. Therefore, hotels may not be a good place to smoke. Moreover, there may be families traveling and staying in the same hotel and they may find it inconvenient. So make sure that you check in to party hostels or youth hostels if you wanted to smoke at your own convenience.

Do Not Carry Anything Abroad

It is widely known that Amsterdam is home to legal drugs; the customs department officers as well as border guards are also well aware of this. Thus, trains that depart from Amsterdam are searched extensively with search dogs. Similarly, cars and buses are also scoured for any traces of these substances. Therefore, it is better not to try buying marijuana or any other items to take back home after your Amsterdam tours.