Three Reasons to Take a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

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The canals in Amsterdam have a special place in both locals’ and tourists’ minds. The Dutch capital’s network of waterways forms an intrinsic part of its past, in addition to being an attraction that draws in millions of people to the city each year. The Canal Ring Area carries over 400 years’ worth of rich history, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of Amsterdam’s best architectural attractions are situated around these waterways. The best way to appreciate these beautiful buildings is to take a boat cruise when you tour Amsterdam.

A Snapshot of Dutch History and Sights

It is surprising that dozens of areas of interest can be seen in literally one go, and that too, in less than one hour’s time. This compact metropolis allows it, and serves up a wealth of photo opportunities to boot. There are programs run by tour operators in Amsterdam that combine all of the best experiences into single packages. After all, who would not wish to take a snap of the Magere Brug or “Skinny Bridge”, the A’DAM Tower, and age-old canal houses? That means you get to explore the static from the moving, as some would say, while on Amsterdam tours.

Make the Trip Your Transport

Perhaps the best way to explore the city to its fullest is to take a hop-on-hop-off cruiser boat trip. The only real contenders to this are the bike tour programs in the Dutch capital; still, there is something about canal-plus-museum trips that will let them endure as an abiding activity in this city. Maybe it is that people get to go from one museum to the other while taking in works of art at each location, and then reflect on what they saw while still on their ride. Some Dutch Golden Age paintings have a lasting quality to them, so much so when you get back on the waterways, you easily spot and recognize some of the real-life attractions in those works. Small wonder there, considering most of those works were completed by some of the most talented artists to have ever lived.

Select Your Own Adventure

Of course, besides a standard boat, you have other ways to hit the waterways and see the capital at your own chosen pace. Pedal boats present the luxury to experience Amsterdam at leisure. The locals are generally masters at cycling, so you can challenge the best of them while still on the water, and this is definitely fun.