Top 5 Scenic Beaches in the North Holland Province

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Although beaches are perhaps not one of the Netherlands’ strong points in terms of tourism, the country is home to some of the picturesque beaches in Europe. Below is a compilation of the top 5 beaches to explore in the North Holland province when on Amsterdam tours. They are ideally explored when on a daytime trip, but you can widen your horizons as you wish.

Zandvoort Beach

The beach in Zandvoort town, which is within walking distance of Zandvoort aan Zee railway station, is full of dunes that form a nature reserve of sorts, where tourists can afford to relax, sunbath, or enjoy water-based sports. The sandy beachside has an array of bars and restaurants that overlook the ocean. In fact, tourists from all parts of Europe come here in large numbers during the warmer seasons just to have fun at the seaside.

Bloemendaal Beach

Make sure to explore the dunes between the town, the ocean, and sandy areas in Bloemendaal when on Amsterdam tours. The beach in the town in North Holland is an ideal place to dangle your toes in the ocean or hit a dance floor after sunset and have a rocking good time. The area has several beachside clubs and bars, and many of them have DJs staging outdoor parties that last all night.

Ijmuiden Beach

The beach in this town is considered as the widest one in the Netherlands. On days with strong wind, which is common here, it becomes a popular destination for the Dutch and tourists to fly kites and windsurf. Moreover, if you explore beyond the key access areas where most people throng, you will be rewarded with secluded stretches of sand.

Wijk aan Zee Beach

The Wijk aan Zee community makes for a wonderful bohemian day on the beachside. The pavilion Timboektoe has to offer something or the other for one and all, from music concerts held each Saturday to yoga and sculpture contests each Sunday. If you are an adventure-junkie, try paragliding.

Heemskerk Beaches

If you are in search of serenity, rent a bicycle in Beverwijk and pedal your way up to the dune-lined beachside to the west of this North Holland town. It is wholeheartedly recommended for walks by the dunes, tranquil scenes, and nature exploration. If you are into more of the same landscape, get in touch with your Amsterdam tour agent for more ideas.