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Amsterdam is a city with plenty of beautiful sights and historic places. It has enough attractions for a few days of highly engaging travel and exploration that may involve busy schedules. Hence, it is quite natural that you may feel tired after spending so much time on the road. It is essential to find a place to unwind and rejuvenate your energy sources. The city offers plenty of spas that have top facilities and treatments to help you do just this. Below is a discussion on some of the best spas you can visit to unwind on your Amsterdam tours.

Sauna Deco

Sauna Deco is a combined spa and wellness treatment center that also offers excellent views of the Amsterdam canals. It is constructed with an emphasis on art. They combine Parisian chic and a more humble Dutch touch of treatment, thereby combining both styles that make it comfortable for users. It is certainly worth visiting on your Amsterdam tours.

The City Street Spa

The City Street Spa is famous even in Asian countries and their services do justice to their reputation. There are several innovative treatments such as the face mapping sessions and the O2 bubble experience. The adorable interior is yet another factor that adds to the lively ambiance of the place. The façade of the spa is made entirely of wood, having adopted the style of vintage Dutch pharmacies. Further, its location in the Prinsengracht also helps to draw attention. You can visit the Amstelveld which is one of the most attractive squares of Amsterdam after your session.

Koan Float

Koan Float offers a memorable floating session for its visitors. The small cocoon-shaped room has a pool filled with Epsom salt which keeps you afloat. The weightlessness allows you to relax in the most calming ways as you find a total release of stress. Besides, the salt contains magnesium which acts as a cleansing agent that clears off your body toxins. In case you are not claustrophobic, you may even spend time by yourself and listen to music after closing the door. Finish the session with a massage for the best transition to reality.

Skins Institute

Skins Institute prioritizes skin and hair care. You may discuss your concerns with the therapists and stylists. Their Institute is situated in an old shophouse to the center of the Nine Streets shopping area. They are very passionate about their services and treatments. It is recommended as one of the best places to find the ideal skin care products for your needs

Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The Guerlain Spa located in the Waldorf is said to offer some of the best treatments and relaxing services in the city. The spa is located within a historic building at the Herengracht. The entry to the building will give you a sense that it will be a relaxing experience. They offer the Fusion Experience which is exclusively designed for Waldorf. This is a unique body massage with the use of hot oil and ice bubbles. They have a boutique which has some of the best candles, perfumes, and similar goodies. The turquoise spa pool is also highly relaxing and you can take your time to fully immerse in the experience

Human Beauty

You may spend an entire day exploring the streets of Amsterdam’s Jordaan district and finally step into this relaxing place. You can even consider staying here for the day. Take part in their rejuvenating yoga session. Afterward, you will be tempted to visit the attractive boutique in the spa. The items on offer include delicate handmade ceramics to organic skincare products. The products they offer here are well balanced with the spa experience. Make the most of their excellent services and finally, you can visit one of the top restaurants in Amsterdam Jordaan for a late supper.

Chill Out Spa

The Chill Out Spa is another gem located inside the chic Apollolaan Hotel. This is situated to the south of Amsterdam. There are chances that you end up meeting celebrities here. They have excellent staff that ensures high-maintenance. One of the special treatments includes the LifeCoach massage.

Away Spa at the W Amsterdam

The Away Spa is situated in the West Amsterdam and interestingly, in a former bank vault. It is a World Luxury Spa Awards Winner 2017. The place offers grey décor and low-lit luxe gold package ideal for two persons. Couples can make this a very memorable experience as this relaxation session is kick-started with a refueling foot ritual. Further, the soothing body scrub, 60-minute massage, and the Anti-Aging Diamond Care Facial follow in the couples’ room.

Amsterdam tours are not just meant for exploration and thrilling journeys through its endless streets and canals. There are several places to unwind and relax such as the ones mentioned above.