Tourist Destinations at the Far Side of Amsterdam Arena

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Amsterdam Tourist Destinations

Think of Amsterdam and the first thing that occurs to tourists is the “Flying Dutchmen.” Surely, Amsterdam gives many sightseeing destinations accessible for the tourists, and there is no shortage of ampere either at the far side of Amsterdam Arena. The following scenic beauty destinations are open to tourist access.

Cycling Around in Lisse Fields

The tulips flourish during March in Lisse, a place situated 40 odd kilometers from central Amsterdam. Amidst Lisse tulips and the large fields, tourists can catch a glimpse of Dutch people cycling around. To get selfies amidst the cyclists, try slipping in the Dutch correspondence learned in Amsterdam tours.

Talking on the Banks of Ultretch Canal

Home to the largest university in Netherlands is Utrecht, a city abuzz with youthful teens. For tourists, plenty of eateries are available nearby the Ultretch shopping district. The pavement near one of the eateries in Utretch borders a canal, where tourists dine around roundtable.

Mauritshuis Museum of Hauge

Although not as tourist-savvy as Amsterdam, Hauge is certainly known for its rich history in arts. You must have learned the history about the private Van Gogh museum tour of Amsterdam. In Hauge, the art museum “Mauritshuis” is home to the Vermeer paintings. Those holding the “museum card” explore the Hauge once in a while since Mauritshuis is also accessible.

Gouda Cheese Market

Gouda, a yellow color cheese made of cow milk, is very popular among the Dutch people. They are sold in bulk when cheese markets are held every Thursday during the summer. Tourists turn up in large numbers when Gouda cheese is at its best, harvested by farmers. Make sure you pronounce the vowel sound properly, for “Gouda” may turn into “Go Da” just like that.

Windmills of Kinderdijk

As the Amsterdam tours wind up, tourists tend to go to the Kinderdijk to see the windmills. This UNESCO world heritage site is where the Dutch get the majority of water supply. The distance between Amsterdam Arena to the Kinderdijk equals approximately 89 kilometers. The windmills are situated alongside a scenic canal, which is open to photography.