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When talking about Amsterdam tours, people usually mention only about museums, canals, red lights, and coffee shops. It is not likely for tourists to see something other than this in the city of Amsterdam. However, the truth remains that there are so many other off the beaten track attractions that are waiting for visitors, in Amsterdam. Here are some of the lesser known attractions which you can enjoy visiting during your Amsterdam tours.

The Tulip Museum

This is a not-so-crowded place in Amsterdam. It is located inside a Tulip shop. One room in the shop is dedicated to, telling the history of the tulip flower in Holland. It is believed that the flower was brought to the city in the 17th century, after which they became very famous in the country. Ottoman Empire is considered as the source for tulips in the Netherlands. Since its arrival in the land, the tulip flower has a very prominent position in the Dutch culture.

Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

It is a museum of photography, better known as FOAM. It was started in the year 2001. Though it is situated in the center of the city, the museum sees only very fewer visitors. However, the display of the world famous photographs is a feast for the eyes of a lover of arts and photography. Other than this, there will also be temporary exhibitions of upcoming artists and photographers.

The Houseboat Museum

It does not look like a museum, rather it is a decorated houseboat. Visiting this houseboat can help you to understand how life on canals will be. The houseboat was built in 1914 and was originally used to transport gravel, sand, and coal. In the 1960’s it was converted to a houseboat and was used for 20 long years.

KattenKabinet (The Cat Cabinet)

Bob Meijer started this museum in 1990. He had a pet cat and after the death of this cat, he started collecting different items related to cats. His house was filled with cat paraphernalia and art and he turned it later into a museum. You can also get to see cats living here.

Rembrandt Park

This is a park situated in the west of the city. It is named after Rembrandt van Rijn, a 17th-century painter. It dates back to the 1940s. The place is ideal for wandering around. The surrounding area of the park is all of the working class and is quite modern.


In the area east of the city, you will find a park and a zoo. You can find some tourists wandering here. You get many Middle Eastern delicacies here. Dappermark, the 100-year-old street market is also found here. This is an ideal place for you to sit and observe the people walking around.

Electric Ladyland

This is not one of those typical art galleries or museums. It is the only area in the world that is luxurious with fluorescent light. When the black light is switched on, the displays are lighted up. You can walk around and experience the magic of colors here.

The Torture Museum

As the name suggests, this is the place, which displays how the prisoners were punished in the country. There are so many punishing tools on display here, of which many are too brutal. There is a hanging cage in which the accused were hanged to death. The Inquisition chair was yet another tool used to punish the prisoners cruelly. If you are interested to know how justice was served in the past, this visit will be ideal for you. However, it is not a recommended trip with the kids.


This is one unique zoo, which you can visit in your Amsterdam tours. You can walk through the displays of microbes and bacteria of different kinds. You have the privilege of seeing them through the microscopes and understanding it for yourself. You can also scan and know what the microbes on your body are at the time. You will enjoy the trip if you are a biology enthusiast.

Museum Vrolik

This is another museum with some of the weird displays. There is a huge collection of animal and human deformities here. The University of Amsterdam presently owns the displays, though someone originally owned it privately. Your walk among the displays will be informative and interesting as well. You can find human fetuses, animal skeletons, and many others among the 150 different items displayed here.

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

This is a museum, which shows the various forms in which hemp can be used. The use of weeds through history can be understood here. The indoor garden where the cannabis plants are grown is also a highlight. The museum offers a very detailed look at different aspects of marihuana, hemp, and hash.

Along with your visit to the famous attractions in Amsterdam, make sure to check out at least some of these unfrequented places.