Unique Museums to Visit in Amsterdam City

Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam Tours

The Dutch capital is home to many museums, including some of the world’s most popular ones. Many people go to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House when on Amsterdam tours. If you have been to these museums, then you might be looking for a change. If so, here is a list of unusual Dutch museums that you must visit during your Amsterdam trip.

Museum Tot Zover

This museum sits in a former foreman’s house in Amsterdam’s biggest cemetery, De Nieuwe Ooster. It explores the nature of Dutch funeral practices, plus the funeral conventions of many different religions. Here, you will not find medical or true crime samples that you would usually expect in a museum themed around death. Rather, Tot Zover revolves around the conversation and culture around demise and the industry of funeral services. To understand how the Netherlands people approach death and its inevitability, visit this museum. It will not disappoint you.

Tassenmuseum Amsterdam

This museum is home to an extensive collection of purses and handbags. Do you know that men used old handbags to carry the Bible? Such handbags are shelved at this museum. The collection is displayed so well such that when have a new visitor, who is brought here blindfolded, will think that this is a handbag designer boutique.

Although that collection is less compared to bags, you will still see some remarkable purses, such as the one of the former First Lady of the US, Hillary Clinton. An interesting fact about that purse is that it looks like Socks Clinton, the presidential pet cat. Is it not so out of the ordinary?


This facility has a collection of microbes and bacteria, the kind of creatures that live among and on us. It displays things in a unique way to get our attention. Take for instance, the arrangement of jars upon jars containing many different animals’ poops, plus the bacteria living on them. Inside Micropia, there are Petri plates full of artfully grown cells, plus a ‘scanner’ showing precisely the things that grow on individuals.

Van Eesteren Museum

This museum situated in the Nieuw-West neighborhood is devoted to Dutch architect, Cornelis van Eesteren. It is made up of an outdoor museum, a museum house and indoor museum. The third museum in Amsterdam’s Van Eesteren Pavilion has an exhibition concerning Cornelis Van Eesteren’s ideas and work. The one set outdoors is the heritage and collection of the ‘post-war’ style architecture, districts and buildings. The museum house is a period apartment fully remodeled in the architecture style of the 1950’s.


More unusual than the cat-themed artworks on display at this museum is the reason for its launch. Cat Cabinet was founded by Dutch businessman Bob Meijer after the demise of his tomcat, named after American financier J. P. Morgan. Right through John Pierpont Morgan’s life, the cat got birthday presents from Meijer’s associates like paintings, a cat statue, the “We Trust No Dog” motto, and a recreated US dollar bill featuring Morgan instead of George Washington. With these items already available, Meijer started the museum inside his 17th-century canal house.

The collection of the museum is dedicated to the part played by these feline pets in culture and art throughout history. For film enthusiasts, Cats Cabinet served as the setting for the George Clooney-starrer “Ocean’s Twelve”.

Juttersmuseum Zandvoort

The Juttersmuseum is just beyond Amsterdam, in the scenic Zandvoort municipality. It has the things which beachcombers have found. Expect to see mammoth’s teeth, metal bits from NASA’s rockets, aircraft wreck parts, dolls, toys, swordfish bone, ship’s rope pieces, and a variety of plastic objects here. Many beachcombers discovered these things washed ashore the stunning beach at the North Sea. It looks more like an antique shop and less a museum, but as you can see, some of the items on display here are so unusual.

The Mouse Mansion

It is trickier to classify this one; it is a museum, studio and store, all rolled into one. The most appropriate descriptor would be a store, but because you can window-shop here, a visit to it is like one to a museum itself. Older children love the experience of being here. Albeit you have no children, just pop into Mouse Mansion when you tour Amsterdam and pick some item up for that neighborhood kid you know well and adore. The store is full of books that feature squeaky characters, Julia and Sam. Their magical settings and crafty handiwork are sure to please anyone who loves all things tiny and wonderful, particularly mice.

Electric Ladyland

Nearby Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is another museum dedicated to psychedelic matters. Electric Ladyland is under the street-level gallery of art, Electric Lady. It is the first museum in the world that is themed only around fluorescent art. It houses a collection of fluoro artwork, fluorescent minerals and other artifacts that glow. There is even a fluorescent setting, which will immerse you in the art.