Unusual Souvenirs to Take Back Home from Amsterdam

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The city of Amsterdam is full of surprises along with its rich history and culture. Tourists visiting the Dutch Capital will always love to fetch the sweet memories they had with the place. The best way to relive such memories would be of buying any items that can be collected from your Amsterdam tours. Here is a list of beautiful and effective Dutch souvenirs, which could define a perfect memento that can be picked quite easily from the place.

Bottle of Brouwerij ‘t Ij Beer

The iconic Windmill of Amsterdam is depicted in the beer bottles of Brouwerij ‘tIj. One would never prove wrong in opting this as one of the special souvenirs that they pick. Actually, the major brewery is situated at the largest windmill of the Dutch Capital. Potent beers such as Zatte and Natte further popularize the brewery to an international level.

Tulips from the Tulip Country

The vibrant crop of Tulip shares a long history with the Dutch as the Capital City is also surrounded by numerous Tulip farms. Moreover, once you have visited the land of Tulip, you may pick up its flower bulb from any of the florists scattered around Amsterdam, who sell these and can be taken home and planted later.

Don’t Ever Skip the HEMA

The iconic stationery is rather a Dutch chain store, which fabricates various products at their homes itself, that range from traditional Dutch food to clothing. The prices of their products are preferably low paving way for the random tourist to buy the HEMA products at their affordable prices.

Pick Up Some Ajax Dutch Football Shirts

Various memorabilia of the popular Ajax Football Club can be availed from various official retailers and sports stores spread throughout Amsterdam. Basically, southern Amsterdam is the home ground of the Club. The exclusive kit of them is inscribed with images of Ajax, who is a mythological hero depicting the spirit and determination of the team.

Drop into Old Amsterdam Stay Cheesy

Mouth watery cheeses of Netherlands are already popular among the locals and abroad. Delicious matured gouda can be tasted from this eatery without losing its crumbly texture and full-bodied flavor. You will feel real Dutch once you taste the dark beer and pickles along with the iconic gouda.

Items from Droog Design

Since its inception in the 1990s, the store of Droog Design has been selling interior products that are way much innovative by adapting prefabricated raw material into creative adorable items. The headquarters of Droog Design in Central Amsterdam possesses numerous iconic products that even comprises of the items created with the ideas of JurgenBey, Marcel Wanders, and Tejo Remy.