Visiting the Verzetsmuseum in Amsterdam

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Verzetsmuseum Tour In Amsterdam

The Dutch contributions in ending the oppressive Nazi expansion during the Second World War are noteworthy. This rich history of the Dutch and their role in the World War II is preserved and curated in the Verzetsmuseum or Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam. Visiting the Verzetsmuseum during Amsterdam tours will certainly enrich the visitor with the history of the Dutch and their struggles in the past. The museum tries to recreate the life in Netherlands under the Nazi occupation of Second World War by displaying various items from that time.


The Verzetsmuseum was originally an idea of the various Dutch people who have fought the Nazis during the occupation in World War II. They came together in 1980 to work for creating a historical exhibition that highlighted the struggles they had undertaken. Called as 1933-19nu, this exhibition renewed the contributions of the Dutch Resistance during times of war and spread its importance among the people living there and foreign visitors. Eventually, the Dutch Resistance Museum was established in 1984 in order to highlight the importance of this crucial period of Dutch history.

Building and Feel

The building that houses the Verzetsmuseum was built in 1876 and was initially a synagogue and cultural center of the Jews. It had undergone renovations in 1999 and after that housed the Verzetsmuseum. Located near to the main entrance to Artis, the Verzetsmuseum is small but equally interesting to visit because of its visual exhibitions and accurate recreations of Dutch life.

This will endow visitors in their Amsterdam tours with the atmosphere during that period in history when violence was in control, and thereby learn more about the past. The Verzetsmuseum also contains a restaurant and café that will help visitors to refresh while on their visit. The museum also contains a shop that sells rare collectibles and a library with a good collection of books.


The Verzetsmuseum holds an incredible permanent collection that truly recreates the life under the Nazi occupation. Some of the major collections include large photographs, posters, soundtracks, objects, films, etc. A visualization of the Holocaust is also displayed to the visitors. The collections housed inside the museum offers a glimpse into the everyday life during that period along with the resistance of the Dutch people and other major historical events of the time.

Opening Hours and Admission

The Verzetsmuseum is open from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, Sunday and any public holidays the museum will be opened from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm. The entry fee to the Verzetsmuseum for adults is 5 Euros. The admission is free for children up to age six. There is also a family ticket provision for 22.50 Euros that is eligible for one or two adults with a maximum of three children aged below 16 years old.