Why Visit the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam with your Kids

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Natura Artis Magistra was found in 1838 and is one of the oldest existing zoos in the Netherlands. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in De Plantage neighborhood, and home to a zoological museum, a botanical garden, a planetarium, an aquarium and a museum exhibiting microbes. All these buildings exist in the premises of an open park setting, the grounds of which are landscaped aesthetically.

The Artis Royal Zoo is a haven for over seven hundred species of animals and two hundred varieties of trees including the Heimans Oak. Some of the animal enclosures here include signage with translations in English, which makes it ideal for those on Amsterdam tours to visit the zoo with kids. If you have a kid with you, take them to the enclosures that keep Lemurs with zookeepers providing training sessions on how they take a sunbath.

Zookeeper talks are held at the Natura Artis Magistra at various times a day in Dutch nearby enclosures and sometimes even with animal training and feeding sessions. You can ask questions in English if you or your kids have doubts regarding zookeeper’s narrations. In addition, take kids to the Gorilla enclosure featuring an array of gorillas and a savannah of zebras, giraffes, elephants, ostriches, and springboks with an Amsterdam canal in the backdrop.

The zoo renovated a warehouse used to store food in late 19th Century in its premises into an Insectarium in the mid 2000’s to house a large collection of insects not only in Amsterdam but worldwide. Time your visit to the butterfly pavilion and surround in a space with beautiful butterflies flapping around. Both the butterflies and visitors can freely move through the enclosed pavilion at the Artis Zoo. Here, you can also spot the rare Blue Morpho butterfly and capture it in your camera. The beauty of the butterfly pavilion has a resemblance to a tropical jungle.

The Artis Zoo also has an aquarium launched in 1882 featuring sharks, crocodiles, clown fish, and similar underwater creatures. Apart from that, the zoo’s planetarium sets you on a trip to outer space. Artisplein spots fewer guests in comparison to animal enclosures at the zoo and even that public space features a pond of the flamingos, a fountain, and Dutch polder. The zoo also has small cafes, restaurants, and a poffertje stall selling small pancakes.