Wonderful Outdoor Activities to Do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam is a wonderful destination for spending your vacation. It offers a lot of activities for people to indulge in so that they will never get bored. You can do a wide variety of activities here despite your age or gender. Hence, you will be able to enjoy your Amsterdam tours to the maximum extent.

Amsterdam tours is not only about sightseeing or visiting museums and monuments, but it offers a lot of thrilling activities for people who want to travel off the beaten path. Hence, if you are seeking for some fun and exhilarating experience when you tour Amsterdam, then we list some of the fantastic options available for you.

Cycling through the Countryside

Renting a cycle and pedaling around the city is a wonderful option that will help you to explore Amsterdam to its fullest. Take a tour through the countryside of Amsterdam for enjoying many picturesque landscapes and a serene atmosphere. Cycling through the countryside will be an unforgettable experience for you, especially during the spring when Amsterdam will be full of different types of flowers. Also, there will be tulip fields that spread across a huge area which is quite a treat for your eyes.

Go for Kayaking

Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals. These canals hold great importance in the culture and history of Amsterdam. Exploring the beauty of canals is a wonderful way to enjoy the real essence of this city. Even though there are a lot of guided tours and canal cruises available, the best way to explore these canals is by going on a kayaking journey. It will help you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of these water bodies at your own pace. Hence, rent a kayak and set out to explore the stunning canals of Amsterdam.

Roller Skate around Amsterdam

If you are good at roller skating, then this is a great way to travel across Amsterdam. Amsterdam holds a Friday Night Skate where a large number of skaters will gather together to go on a 20-kilometer adventure trip through the city. This is a perfect way for you to learn more about the city and to make some friends.

Visit the Fun Forest for an exciting experience

If you want to escape from the busy life of the city and indulge in the beauty of luscious greenery, this is the best destination for you. Here, children as well as the adults can take part in different adventurous activities including running, jumping, climbing the trees, etc. Hence, if you want to have a refreshing experience during your Amsterdam tours, then this is a great choice for you.