British Museum Unveils Revamping Plans

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Revamping Plans By British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most famous tourist spots in the city of London and it is something you don’t want to miss out when you are in the capital city of the United Kingdom. This elegant structure attracts more than 5 million visitors every year but it seems that the officials are planning to transform the museum to lure in more tourists and visitors.

The officials from the British Museum recently announced their plans of a 10-year and beyond transformation of the museum. Reports indicate that this transformation will bring back the famous Reading Room to use and the galleries of the museum will also be made a lot more elegant with additional art pieces.

The director of the British Museum, Hartwig Fischer stated that the transformation works would happen without closing the museum, which means that you can still tour British Museum when you are in London. He said, “Our vision will be to create a museum which tells more coherent and compelling stories of the cultures and artifacts we display to allow more comparisons to be made across cultures and timeframes. We want a walk around our permanent collection to be a voyage of discovery and learning for all.”

Fischer confirmed that they are planning to fill the Reading Room with elegant display objects from the permanent collection of the museum in order to offer tourists a general introduction to the museum. He said that they still have to go through a planning phase to discuss how they can accomplish this without closing the museum to the public. “The Round Reading Room is at the centre of our planning. I can promise it will look absolutely stunning,” Fischer added.

The Reading Room was used by the authorities for temporary exhibitions such as Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum and The First Emperor during 2007-2014. However, the authorities discontinued the practice when they opened the British Museum’s conservation and exhibitions centre back in the year 2014.

“We are planning now to make this an experience when you come to the collections, it is the next natural step,” Fischer added. “It is big and it has to be extremely well thought through. It is complex there are 2m years of history.”

Even though you might not be able to enjoy the Reading Room now, you could still go on a private tour British Museum to catch the famous artifacts and artworks housed inside this structure.