A Tour through the Iconic Hubs of London City

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Iconic Hubs Of London City

The London walking tours consider Londoners and tourists as one class of people wanting to enjoy the views in the old country. Are you excited about spending leisure time in the city of London? Spread across the Southwark to Westminster Hall are some iconic tourist hubs which made London famous, and these should definitely be in your London walking tour schedule.

The Westminster Hall is home to the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, with the iconic building featuring a giant clockwork on the top. Tourists lap around and wait for clear blue skies to take selfies featuring the clock in the background right in the face of Westminster Hall. Unlike the clockworks you may have grown accustomed to at home, the clock in UK house of parliament rings every fifteen minutes.

Across the banks of the River Thames and London is where the house of Parliament resides; the parliamentary structures resembling ancient buildings. Meanwhile, the London Eye is the Ferris Wheel where most tourists observe the city from various angles. It is one thing taking photographs with an eye at the background and an entirely different thing cruising through the River Thames. Just below the London Eye is the boarding point for cruisers waiting to cruise the Thames.

If you move to the Shard, aka Shard London Bridge, Shard of Glass, and London Bridge Tower, you could possibly see a building with seemingly broken glasses pointing airborne. Situated in the Southwark, the Shard is a building that reflects the clouds above on the elegant glass structure. This 95-story tall skyscraper keeps humanity in the face of a modern achievement in architecture called as neo-futurism.

After all the snapping, hopping around, taking photographs of the Shard, tourists on London walking tours continue their stroll through to London Bridge. From a distance, you can see the London Bridge, although some do confuse it to the Tower Bridge, which is situated in the London borough of Southwark.

If you have brought a trolley bag along, do take the lifts to reach the Tower Bridge even as staircase exists there. The London walking tours and London old city tour moves at a slow pace, so walk at your own pace to explore the United Kingdom capital thoroughly, enjoyably, and completely fun filled.