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A tourist would get to visit iconic art galleries, museums, and other famous sites in London city. It is said that some of the London hubs resemble greatly with Singapore especially places such as the Shard and the London Eye. To access the city’s public transport, you would have to get the day pass for one day or maybe even three.

London’s ‘Pub Crawl’ is something that goes on a snail-like pace in walking tours of London, but there are other sites such as the Houses of Parliament. It is a big miss to go to London and return back without seeing the ‘Big Ben’ aka the Elizabeth Tower, the giant clockwork situated at the northern end of Palace of West Minister.

In the Whitehall road, ‘Horse Guards Parade’ takes place as a royal tradition at 11:00 am from Monday to Saturday and right on 10:00 am on Sundays. However, check for confirmation as ceremonial duties and State Occasions tend to shuffle the dates for ‘Changing the Queen’s Life Guard’ parade.

For most Europeans, nothing fills the eardrums with great music as the sound of trumpet played aloud by trumpeters during the Horse Guards Parade, and if you are lucky, you could even see the British Prime Minister on the spot. Further, places such as the Victoria and Albert Museum would fulfill the nerd in you with a collection of famous Rodin sculptures among others.

There is also the Tate Modern art gallery, which hoards a vast collection of modern art paintings and hosts special exhibits from time to time. In walking tours of London, a day is best spent inside any of the famous London hubs, and next to the Tate Modern, you can spot the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Seeing a collection of Bard’s works is a good way to wind up your London old City tour, but do hang around for food havens too.

If you are a foodie and thrifty about spending too much in a metropolitan city, street food is probably the best way to save, and for that, you can go to Leicester Square. Once you quench the thirst and fill your appetite, it is high time to go to Oxford Circus station by tube. There are metro trains underground covering the hubs in London city extensively.