Advantages Of Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

Nowadays wherever you look, you can find digital signage platforms such as bank ATM kiosks, self-servicing ticket vending machines, way finders inside malls and airports etc. These are categorized under interactive digital signage solutions and they are finding their way into more implementations. There has been a more extensive adaptation of these devices in the last decade. This primer will discuss what is an interactive digital signage and its uses.

What is Interactive Digital Signage?

The advances in technology in the last decade has shrinked the dimensions of LCD and LED flat displays and made them very portable. This resulted in their big demand and hence a drop in their price. Moreover, this led to the innovations and the introduction of all in one system on chip (SoC) displays which form the basis for current interactive Digital Signage platforms. Not only we can interact by touch, but we can give voice commands or instructions and hence the experience is more intuitive and memorable. With the advent of smartphones, we can change what is being displayed on the screen with an application on the phone. For example, using your phone as a remote controller for your smart TV or on the display.

Advantage of Using an Interactive Digital Signage

Earlier this solution was primarily used for wayfinding kiosks and bank ATM’s and nothing much beyond that. However after their prices dropped and the experience being intuitive, there has been a widespread adaptation for various purposes. Modern Digital Signage solutions provided by Handsome Group lets you make a more personal experience and thereby making it more memorable and everlasting. Therefore they are used for high-end retail applications and out of home advertising. A few of their applications are as follows.

  • Interior or Exterior Store Signage that changes what is displayed i.e. the products advertised based on weather readings or conditions with the help of sensors.
  • These digital signage solutions can be hooked up to different sensors or inputs and the presence of SoC makes it possible to implement more dynamic and personal advertisements. Therefore they are very effective advertisement implementation solutions.
  • Interactive digital signs can be set up in such a way that they display advertisements based on gender, age and facial features with the aid of facial recognition technology. Hence, it can deliver highly personal advertisements.
  • Modern wayfinding kiosks support 3D maps and high-resolution videos of locations on the map. Moreover, unlike traditional wayfinding kiosks, they support complex and intuitive voice commands or instructions. They can even function as directories.

Consulting with a digital signage solution provider like Handsome Group can help you identify the ideal implementation solution and arrive at a budget.