Don’t Get Lost In The Red Lights! Boost Your Cell Coverage In Amsterdam

Taking a private tour of Amsterdam city in your car is an excellent idea. A private car tour will allow going anywhere you like and avoid the hassle of keeping up with the schedule of a tour company. It allows you to travel to the remote places of the city where tourists won’t usually visit. Amsterdam is a highly populated city in the Netherlands and you will probably find yourself stuck in the traffic quite often.

If you don’t have proper cell reception in your car while you are stuck at the red lights, you can get frustrated. Therefore, you should install a cell phone booster in your car to boost cell phone service in the Netherlands.

Factor That Affects Weak Cell Reception In Your Car

  • Non-conductive materials like plastic and wood will reflect the signal and reduce its strength.
  • Conductive materials like copper and steel that are used in the manufacturing of car can also reduce the signal strength.
  • Since Amsterdam is a city with many high rise buildings, the cell signals get blocked easily.
  • Bad weather can be another factor that affects the signal reception. Rain, fog, snow, hail, etc. can reduce the signal strength.
  • If you are far from the nearest cell tower, your signal reception will be weak.

Signal Booster Kit Contents For Cars

A cell phone repeater for a car mainly consists of four components; an outside antenna, an amplifier, an inside antenna, and a power adaptor. The outside antenna is mounted on the exterior of the car and its purpose is to collect the existing outside signal and send it to the amplifier placed inside the car.

The signal amplifier inside the car receives the weak signals and amplifies it to many folds. The amplified signal is then rebroadcasted inside the car with the help of an inside antenna. The power adapter is used for powering the signal booster system.

Cell Phone Booster And Dead Zone

It is important to know that a cell phone booster cannot work without a signal. A booster requires an existing signal to improve its strength and usability. Without any signal, there is no use of a signal booster. When you travel to some remote locations, you might encounter areas with no signal. The booster might not be helpful if there are no cell signals to amplify. However, if you are traveling through areas with poor cell reception, a signal booster in your car can be of great help.