How to Upgrade from Landline to Internet Phone Service?

Internet Phone Service

Internet Phone Service

Internet phone service, which is also known as Voice over IP (VoIP), refers to making phone calls over the internet. This is a great way to make calls at a cheap rate. The great features it offers and the low rates for making calls made internet phone service the most popular and most desired way for making calls in most of the offices and business establishments.

Through some simple steps, you can convert your ordinary landline in your office to VoIP. The steps are explained below:

Choose a New Phone Number, or Port your Existing Phone Number

Activating a new number is very easy and instant. You can choose numbers by area code and city. When you register with a number, it will be instantly ready for making VoIP calls.

If you already have a phone number you can port the number for getting VoIP services. It involves transferring your existing phone services to a new service provider and they will handle your porting. It takes almost a week to complete the porting processes.

During the porting process, there will be no downtime; therefore your calls will not get interrupted during the porting process. For this, you will have to set up a call routing in advance.

Add Users to your Phone System

Adding users refers to creating ids for the employees to login to the VoIP system. It will enable the employees to manage their phone calls using the VoIP portal. The permission levels can be set differently for each user. For example, you can give access to Call Recording for an employee who is working in customer service or can give access to Billing Dashboard for those who are working as accountants.

Create a Call Flow to Route Incoming Calls

The Call flow is a route map for telling the VoIP system how to handle incoming calls. With this, you can set up a phone menu, called an auto attendant, to greet your callers and to route them to the right employee. You can also set up call queues that keep the caller at hold until an agent becomes free to attend the call. It is also possible to schedule the calls based on business hours.

Set Up IP Phones and/or Virtual Phones

You can use both IP phones and virtual phones to connect to internet phone service. An IP phone is similar to an ordinary office phone but connects via the internet. A virtual phone is something you can use from your computer using an online dial pad.

After these steps, you are ready to use an internet phone service. Through this service, you will be able to make calls more efficiently at a very lower rate when compared to landline charges.