Important SEO Features For A Website


Important SEO Features

Once you have come up with a good web design and get the website ready you may think that it is time to launch your website, but there is more work to be done. Unless search engine optimization is taken care of, you cannot expect your website to perform at the level you might have expected it to. There are a few essentials in SEO that you need to fulfill if you want a better ranking for your website. Make sure you complete these for a better result. Below are a few items that you need to ensure with your SEO LA company that they include in the campaign.

Page Titles

This is one of the basic things, but it is quite important when it comes to ranking your pages. The page titles are of utmost importance as they show up in the search results. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it catchy. This will increase the chances of the page getting noticed by your target audience.

Further, it is always beneficial if you do keyword research and run an optimization. In case you are short of relevant keywords in the content for the optimization of your page, you can add a few secondary phrases to it. Make sure you check the page thoroughly. This will ensure that you do not add a keyword that is used on another page.

Meta Description

These do not have a deep impact like the page title, but they should remain a priority for you. Make sure you spend some time to write a good, clear meta description that speaks about your content as you can observe on This will help to improve the click-through rate. Further, it will open the chances of being used on social media.

Internal Links

This is a major feature which should not be overlooked. There are two types of internal links- links to key pages and links from key pages.

Links To Key Pages

You can add secure links that will lead users to relevant content on your website. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Add A Navigation Menu On Top Of The Page

You can add links to different important categories. Make sure this does not fade your actual content. Keep it as discreet as you can.

  • Add Links Inside The Copy

If you have blocks of text within your page, you can add a few relevant links to other pages. Make sure these are related to each other.

Links From Key Pages

By adding links to your page, you can help pages which do not usually support much content on theirs. Note that the page has to be linked internally or it may not rank as good as expected.