Intelligent Textiles: a New Innovation in the Textile Industry

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Textile Industry Innovations

Textile industry has always welcomed the technological advancements with open hands and tried to experiment with these innovations. Such a new revolution brought to field of this industry is the intelligent textiles, which incorporates electronics into garment production. You can see many private label clothing materials in the market which comes with digital components, like sensors, embedded in them. They are called electronic textiles or simply e-textiles.

Even though the e-textiles are still in their infancy, it has already made rapid progress in finding different ways to commercialize this impressive innovation.

Textile industry is constantly changing and is always adapting to the changes happening in the field of technology. People give much preference to their clothing and this fact is exploited by a lot of companies who later became masters in the world of fashion. They always introduced changes and innovations to stay ahead of their competitors and to imprint their name in the fashion world. The innovation of e-textiles is also a revolutionary change that brought by the textile companies to impress their customers. Many experiments and researches are still going on to create new windows of opportunities in this field.

However, the companies that sell e-textiles had to go through many challenges and difficulties during their developing stage. The availability of the materials, cross-compatibility, reliability, overhead costs etc. remained as barriers for their development. These limitations have prohibited the growth of electronic textile market over the years. But there is still hope as there have been significant investments and partnerships in this field that will help to overcome the barriers.

With the dramatic developments in the e-textiles business over the past few years, it is evident that the limitations mentioned above will not restrict the growth of this industry. Technological advancements are improving the possibility for the emergence of electronic textile business to a bigger level.

Throughout these years, there have been parallel researches across the electronic textile industry to develop different features that include stretchable electronics, conductive inks, wearable technology, flexible sensors, printed electronics, and emerging energy storage. This has helped the fashion market to take advantage of textiles with functionality, intelligence and connectivity.

E-textiles industry has successfully gained the attention of some major players in the textile industry. This helped to bring some great innovation and changes in this field which is promised to conquer the market over the coming years.