Local SEO Hacks That Will Prove Useful

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Local SEO Hacks

Local SERPs are usually a competitive affair. Besides, the changes made by Google means that the quest to remain visible is a hard one. The encouraging news for local businesses is that they can rely on local SEO and get the visibility they require for their growth. Below are a few Local SEO hacks that you can use to get ahead with SEO.

Drive Local Search While Doing Keyword Research

Any effective SEO campaign begins with keyword research. For many people, this means using the Free Tool provided by Google, the Keyword Planner. In case you want generic ideas for keywords, this is a useful tool. There are hacks like adding near to the keyword or using specific GPS coordinates. After you have found the keywords necessary for your site, you can create content with these keywords. Make sure to add anchor text and HTML tags similar to an SEO firm.

Focus on Easy Link Building Chances

A recent study revealed that the link signals like linking domain authority, inbound anchor text, and a number of links are responsible for 29% of the ranking aspects. This makes them the most important factor behind the ranking. Therefore, link building should be one of your top priorities.

Remember that creating organic links is a time-consuming process. The help of influencers is an important factor behind good link building.

Use Competitor Research to Find More Backlink Breaks

Competitor research is one of the best ways to find out the domains that are linked to competitor websites. You can use the convenient competitor tracking tool and discover great opportunities for link building. Find out the sites that link to a few of your major competitors but does not share a link with you. Further, find out the domain authority of these websites using the tracking tool. Use the most relevant domain for your website’s advantage.

Remove any NAP Inconsistencies

Make sure that you keep your NAP (name, address, and phone number) constant on every website that features you. One of the tools you can use to track your NAP is rank tracking software. You can find NAP inconsistencies and sort them out by contacting the directories or site owners. You can request them to correct themselves if you find any mistakes.

Above are some of the easy tools to improve SEO for your Local business. Make sure you put them to proper use.