Signs You Require a Lawyer after a Cycle Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Talking to an experienced and adept lawyer after any kind of accident is a good idea. Doing this is paramount if the following things occur after a bicycle collision. If these signs pertain to you, then you must contact an attorney sooner rather than later.

You Have Suffered Injuries

In the event that your accident injuries are diagnosed, you will get medical bills associated with the treatment that you get. This treatment may be expensive, particularly for serious injuries. Besides, severe injuries may lead you to a situation where you miss work. If you incur financial losses, then you have to discuss with a lawyer regarding your legal rights and legal options for availing compensation. If you are looking for a California lawyer, you can visit to find one and talk to regarding this matter.

The Automobile Driver Denies Fault

In certain situations, a motorist will admit their fault, which will make your financial recovery rather uncomplicated. In other cases, they will attempt to blame you, claiming that you rode your cycle negligently. When the accident fault is disputed, the recovery is likely to be difficult, so you have to contact a lawyer right away.

You Have To File a Claim for Third-Party Motor Insurance

After the collision, you may wish to file this claim with that at-fault motorist’s insurance company to seek financial compensation for the losses you suffered. Such a claim can be tricky, but insurers will try to avoid responsibility whenever they can. To confirm your best odds of recovery, talk to an attorney who can aid you in filing a comprehensive and persuasive claim with all the essential supporting evidence.

The Concerned Insurance Carrier Have Offered a Settlement with You

After you file a motor insurance claim, you may get an offer from that motorist’s insurer for a settlement involving a single payment. You should not accept that settlement offer without having a skilled personal injury lawyer review it. In the event that you accept a too low compensation offer, you will be unable to ask for a bigger amount or file a claim against that motorist later. A lawyer can roughly calculate how much your losses are worth and tell whether or not that offer is enough.

Your Accident Injuries Have Brought Pain and Suffering

If these injuries are severe and if you sustained major intangible losses, you have to contact an attorney to deal with the matter. It is usually not possible to get compensation for these extensive losses through an insurer. In that case, an injury claim will need to be sought to confirm that you get what you merit for such losses.