Where To Buy CBD Capsules In Amsterdam

CBD and Netherlands have shook hands and promised a pact that would effectively legalise the lifesaving drug…with plenty of restriction in place, nevertheless. The CBD must be from a hemp plant, and at the same time must not have more than 0.2% of the psychoactive substance THC in it. A digit beyond that value and you will on an Uber ride; only this Uber ride has a man of the law in the driving seat and sirens blaring on the roof. Although, CBD that is pulled from marijuana is better rounded in its properties and is more potent, the chances of ever bringing down the 14% THC in it is a far shot; there is no filtration method that can ‘economically’ bring that number down to 0.2%

The route to this ‘treaty’ signed between them took an unreasonably long time. Cities like Amsterdam, are otherwise known for their free-spirited, open minded, youthful culture that is much in tune to the present world trends. To know that CBD wasn’t already legal there came as a surprise to many like me.

By the start of the 21st century, CBD was surfing on the sky high digital wave. Daily show had celebrities and eminent personalities come on the show and ask their thoughts regarding this ‘CBD revolution’ that seemed to have begun. If you casually go through your social media feed, you will bump into one or more influencer promoting a CBD goody.

The world is coming to terms on the multitude of benefits that CBD brings along with it. With the acceptance of CBD came its legalisation, and being legalised means that suppliers and businesses could monetise on it. There are plenty of suppliers that have created unique strains of hemp that will take care of a particular problem more effectively. And the flexibility of CBD to be used in face packs, coffee, milk shakes, vapes, gummy drops and so on, meant that consumers now had plenty of choices to make their mind from. Would you want your daily CBD dose in your coffee, or would you want it in capsules?

Our focus is solely on capsules, and we will be looking into the brands that you can get hold of when in the electrifying city of Amsterdam.

Cannabidiol: Things You Should Know

CBD or cannabidiol, the now recognised miracle drug has many others ‘like’ it. The marijuana or hemp plant from which it is extracted has around 100 of the so called cannabinoids. THC & CBD are both in this group.

CBD however has more prominent benefits and is a much stronger therapeutic substance compared to the other cannabinoids. A sharp pain in your joints or inflammation of the shoulders can all be reduced considerably with the help of CBD. The CBD nulls out the nerve impulses there; this allows for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects to take place. The CBD also enhances mood and promotes the production of serotonin that allows for a wide smile plastered across your face.

Even if you are suffering from anxiety, that of even severe forms, then CBD can help you relax and be in control. There are numerous researches that have concluded on CBD being an effective medicine against anxiety.

One of the prime benefits of taking CBD compared to other over-the-counter medication is that the latter often gets you drowsy and sleepy. You might have noticed you growing quite drowsy after having paracetamol during a fever or headache. CBD doesn’t quite do that, atleast to not that extent. You will be sharp between the ears and you will not be intoxicated in any way or form. That is because CBD is a strict non-psychoactive substance.

Let us have a look at the places to buy CBD capsules in Amsterdam. These are one of the best out there!

Places To Buy CBD Capsules In Amsterdam

Holland & Barrett

This is a great CBD store that is located at Leidsestraat 54, 1017 PC in Amsterdam. They not only have CBD capsules but a whole load of other products which you can get when you are down there. They have their own products as well as that of other trusted and reputed CBD companies on their shelves. They value their strong quality control checks, proper testing by means of a 3rd party laboratory and uttermost care that they take for each one of their products.

  • Jacob Hooy CBD 60 Capsule 10mg

The CBD is extracted from US grown hemp and is completely natural and organic in every sense of the word. The CBD and hemp oil in each of the capsules is extracted from the leaves and flower of the hemp plant. The CBD is quite potent and is expected to get to work in half the time it would take, if you had an edible. If you feel yourself getting up on the wrong side of bed because of terrible sleep then try out one of these capsules a couple hours before you reach home from work or are going bed. You will find yourself in a comfortable spot, less stressed and more relaxed. The sleep quality will also be improved leading to deeper sleep.

If you feel that you require a boost up when you are handling a shooting pain, simply pop in one of the capsules and you will find that the pain slowly fades away. It is advised you try their vape oils if you want quicker relief! If you find yourself stressed out and in a depressed mood, then be sure to take in one of the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Each of their capsules contains around 10mg of the CBD+Hemp oil in them, with a potency of around 2.75%. The THC content in them is also as per the requirements and is below the 0.2% mark in each of their capsules. They also have a much stronger 20mg CBD capsule if you are looking for a much higher potency and more effectiveness.

  • Naturopathica CBD+ Turmeric 30 Capsules

This is an effective Full spectrum CBD capsule that has the added benefits of all the cannabinoids minus the THC. The capsule not only has CBD but also the goodness of Vitamin C and Curcumin in it. The curcumin is essential in boosting collagen formation and for strengthening the bones and cartilages. What this means is that your joints are strengthened as a result. This product is a must for those with arthritis and chronic joint pain. Not only will you be relieved of the pain, but the intensity of pain will reduce as your joints strengthen over time.

There is turmeric as well, which is a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; this combined with the 5mg of the 100% natural CBD in each capsule, makes for a killer combination!

Amsterdam CBD Centre

This is one other CBD retail store that has high quality CBD product available to be bought. Be it CBD oils, CBD capsules or CBD E-liquids, they have some interesting flavours of their own and that of other known brands like MediHemp, Cibidol, Endoco and many more.

  • Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Capsules Total 1500mg

Endoca is a trusted name that has been in the hemp business for quite many years. Based in Denmark, this CBD company is one that prides itself in the exceptional quality of their line of products and to their attention to detail for each of them. The Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Capsules is another one of their amazing products.

There are 30 capsules in each packaging and each capsule has 50mg of very potent CBD oil and hemp. This is apt for faster relief and get to work as soon as you swallow it. The capsule is smooth, odourless, slippery, tasteless and very easy to go down.

If you are looking for a vegan gel capsule that is gluten-free and kosher, then you are in the right place with Endoca’s CBD capsules.

A very hassle-free way to get a defined amount of CBD into your body; no more headaches of holding CBD oil under the tongue for a minute or couching your lungs out after a drag of the vape pen. Just plain pure CBD for, nothing more and certainly nothing less!

  • MediHemp CBD Capsules 25mg CBD

MediHemp is a CBD company that makes astounding CBD products and their capsules are definitely one of their best products.

With 25mg CBD packed in one single capsule, this is one product that will give you a bang for your buck! There are other cannabinoids like CBGA and terpenes packed in each capsule that ensures that the effect is holistic. The capsules have fatty acids and omega-3s, 6s in them that further boosts its effects. There are 20 capsules with a total of 500mg of organic cold pressed CBD hemp oil.

The capsules like the one before are also vegan and gluten-free making it perfect for health fanatics amongst you. A must have product if you feel the need to boost your mood every now and then, and want your sleep quality to be taken to the next level.

The Final Note

There are many other CBD stores in Amsterdam such as Canna health, High Culture CBD store, SupMedi CBD that all provide some of the best CBD capsules that you can find in the city. These brands also follow the same strict quality checks and testing, and often ship their products to Europe and the US as well. So be assured that the products mentioned are thoroughly tested and certified.

Be sure to do your own survey and search around the city. There may be a few CBD suppliers and some amazing CBD capsule products that we may have missed out on!