5 Places to Visit in Jordaan

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The name ‘Jordaan’ has been derived from the French word ‘Jardin’ that means garden. This is a place located in Central Amsterdam and is Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhood. Over the years, Jordaan has become one of the most expensive and upscale locations in the Netherlands.

Jordaan is home to many patio restaurants, art galleries, street musicians, and many cafes. Below are the five things you could enjoy doing in Jordaan during your Amsterdam tours.

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank house is no doubt a central highlight among the historic parts of the Netherlands. Established in the year 1957, this building is where Anne Frank spent her days during the time when the Nazi regime swept through Europe. ‘The diary of a young girl’ is a book written by Anne Frank during this time.


Wonbootmuseum is a unique museum, which is located within a 1914 freighter that was converted into a houseboat. This museum is the only houseboat museum in the world and is just a five minutes’ walk from the Anne Frank house. The ship navigates through Amsterdam’s canal system and absorbs all of the great histories that come along with it.

Lindengracht Market

Every Saturday, the Lidengrach market transforms itself from a typical street block to one of the jubilant marketplaces in the city. The market has many stalls and you can get many things here, from picturesque bouquets to a variety of cheese and fresh fish. There are many handcrafted items available for sale here too and you could also buy plenty of snacks to feast on.

Winkel 43

There is no doubt that there are many spots around Amsterdam, which serve tasty snacks and other confectionaries, but you should still stop by Winkel 43 to taste some of their finest apple pie. The pie has a smooth and crumbly crust that consists of a thick chunk of caramelized apple and is served with thick dollops of whipped cream. Apart from the trademark pie, there are many other light snacks and larger meals as well, that you should enjoy during your Amsterdam tours.


This is one of the biggest streets in the city. Westerstraat market opens every Monday morning and has around 200 stands where you could get slightly defected or outdated products from world-class designers such as Nike, Adidas, and Versace. You can also enjoy eating out, as there are a lot of food carts and eateries around.