An Ultimate Guide on Electric Ladyland

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Amsterdam never fails to mesmerize people with its picturesque canals and beautiful tulip flowers. There are also many beautiful monuments in the city, which are sure to make you skip a beat. One of such implausible attractions here is the Electric Ladyland.

Electric Ladyland is the first museum in the world that is totally devoted to fluorescent art. No wonder the place is also known as the Hippie Heaven. Below are some in-depth details about Electric Ladyland that you can explore during your next Amsterdam city tours.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of this amazing museum is crammed with many artworks. The wall here is fully covered with different fluorescent paintings. Some of the paintings were molded into random shapes and are leaned against the wall.

Into The Electric Ladyland

When you descend into the Electric Ladyland, you can see the unbelievable fluorescent artwork of Nick Padalino (the owner of Electric Ladyland) called ‘Fluorescent Participatory Environment’. Each part of this place conveys the things that Padalino had experienced in his life. Note that you have to remove your shoes and coats before entering the Padalino’s environment.

Here, you can see an environment that is crowded with many bulged shapes and designs painted with fluorescent colors. The ceiling, floors, and every nook and cranny of this fluorescent cave is covered in loud and vibrant colors. You can also enjoy the colors on your body if you are wearing light colored or pop-colored clothes.

Tour of Electric Ladyland

You can enjoy the tour of Electric Ladyland with Padalino as he explains every aspect of fluorescent colors including its science, natural colors, manufactured colors, etc. The main attraction that you can see during this tour is an artwork hanging on the wall. It is made of natural fluorescent rocks only, and there are two boats and building with a background of green forest and sea in the painting.

Light Works

There are many lights in the museum and each of them has a different wavelength. So, with each light, you can see different shades of the same paintings and objects. For instance, you can see grey rocks glowing in different colors with different lights. You can also see the invisible patterns in the passports, currency, ID cards, etc., under these lights.

Opening Hours

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday in between 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm. Furthermore, the admission here is free for kids under 11 years and all others will have to pay 5 Euros to enter this fluorescent world if you do not have any discount cards.