Best Beer Bars in Amsterdam

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The beer sales are gaining pace again in Amsterdam. With at least a new craft beer bar opening every month, the place promises to be lively if you are a beer lover visiting the city. There are places that will offer you beers of different flavors from around the world. Make sure you visit some of these after your Rijksmuseum Tour. Below is a discussion of some of the best beer bars in the Dutch capital

Cafe Gollem

Cafe Gollem is one of the main specialty beer cafés in Amsterdam. It is located in an attractive little alley in the center of Amsterdam. The café has been serving Belgian beers to people for more than four decades. The bar has a stock of around 200 beers and about 10 beers on tap.

Gollem enthusiasts can also enjoy their beers at a different store in Overtoom. They store more than 20 beers on tap here apart from 60 bottled beers. This place is ideal for a visit on a sunny day. You can sip a beer as you observe the traffic pass by through Overtoom. You can also enjoy a Trappist cheese fondue beside your Belgian beer.

Yet another location of the same bar at De Pijp offers tasting programs along with local brewers. There is also a new location at Amstelstraat near Rembrandtplein.

 ‘t Arendsnest

Arendsnest is one of the best beer places in Amsterdam. The place has enjoyable ambiance, friendly and uniformed staff, and offers beers brewed within the country in addition to other liquors and jenever. The bartenders here will help you to find the right beer for your taste out of more than 100 bottles available as bottles and the 30 on tap. Some of the most popular beers you might want to try out while you visit here are Jopen Ongelovige Thomas, De Roos Bikse Tripel, and Texels Skuumkoppe.

Cafe Belgique

Cafe Belgique is slightly different from the usual bars as it is a small one compared to the others. Besides, it serves Belgian beers in a dark atmosphere, lit by candles. If you are looking for a stopover after a busy day, this is the place to go. Make sure you try the cherry flavored kriek or the Trappist beers. Although the café lacks a wide selection of beers, it makes up for this with its different ambiance. Note that the place may get a little crowded in the tourist season.

In De Wildeman

In De Wildeman is a specialty bar and a popular beer destination. It serves about 200 bottled beers and about 20 beers on tap. It is also located within a historically important distillery. You might want to sit down at one of the tables and taste different flavors of German, British, Dutch, or Belgian beer. Although the place does not entertain any music, it still has the ambiance required for a memorable time. There are beer lovers of all kinds that visit here and you can be a part of it too.

Beer Temple

Beer Temple is a place that is dedicated to beers from the USA and many other places in the world. You will find more than 30 beers on tap in addition to the 140 in bottles. If the expats get nostalgic about their native beer, this is the place they head to. Besides, it is also great to take your friends for a tasting session of several new beers. They also serve their own beer brands here and are known for their IPA style beers.

Hoppy Days

Right in the center of the city, this beer and snack joint sits concealed in the city’s structures. The place sells craft beers, international flavors, and serves Italian food. They hold interesting parties like themed dinners, Halloween parties, and the days when the Italian football team plays are a celebration.

De Zotte

This is yet another Belgian beer bar located in the heart of the city. It serves delicious food and more than 130 beers. The place is great for an early dance session followed by drinks in the night. Remember that the place gets a bit crowded at night. Furthermore, the owners of De Zotte have opened another bar in Jordaan, known as Tripel. This place serves Belgian beer along with some punk music.

Dopey’s Elixer

Dopey’s Elixer is a beer bar located in the locality near Zuid. The place is slightly hidden along the inside of a street but is not difficult to find. This bruincafe offers a sizeable collection of beers including several Belgian ales. The place also has 12 taps making it a beer lovers’ favorite.

Amsterdam is known for its extravagant moods that it preserves throughout the year. This is reflected in the number of great beer bars where you can hang out and have a memorable time. You can visit one of the many beer bars spread out across the city.