Five Interesting Facts About King’s Day

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On April 27, the Netherlands celebrates the birthday of King Willem Alexander with street parties, funfairs, flea markets and music. With this year marking the 135th anniversary of the King’s birthday, we delve into why numerous individuals tour Amsterdam from the world over then.

Not All Places Close on Koningsdag

Do you desire a quick break from the festive events to calm yourself so that you can do something indoors? If yes, you will be glad to learn that some places stay open on Koningsdag (King’s Day). Almost every museum stay open on this national holiday, letting people come to enjoy artworks and explore the Netherlands’s history. So you can also take a Rijksmuseum tour to be acquainted with some of the most significant works of art, plus moments etched in the nation’s history.

Everybody Wears Orange Dresses

The King’s official name is Orange-Nassau, so as a tribute to the Dutch royal family and a way of celebrating his birthday, everyone is clad in orange outfits. A mass of people flock to the streets wearing tangerine color dresses; some choose subtle ones, but others go for exaggerated orange tutus, T-shirts, etc.

The Celebrations Start at Night on April 26

For people who love to party hard, the festivities start on Koningsnacht (King’s Night). Clubs, bars, festivals, dance halls and restaurants all come to life on the night of April 26. So you can party on Koningsnacht, sleep for a while and continue the celebrations on April 27 or enjoy all night long and into King’s Day.

The Dutch Canals will be Full Of Boat Parties

Amsterdam alone has more than 165 canals, most of which will be packed with Dutch boat parties throughout the day. If you just want to watch the world drift by, go to an Amsterdam bridge to experience the maritime fun on land.

It is the Most Shot Dutch Event

No other event in Holland is filmed as much as King’s Day. A large number of individuals visit the nation from many parts of the world. Many of them use this day to take their first-time trip to the Dutch capital, and they create daily video blogs or a photography gallery. With an amazing lineup of events across every festival, it is unsurprising that many capture the day on camera to post on social media for their loved ones.