Rijksmuseum to Exhibit Many of Rembrandt’s Works in 2019

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Rijksmuseum will mark Rembrandt’s 350th death anniversary in 2019 with a celebration of artworks titled “Year of Rembrandt”. The exhibit titled “All the Rembrandts of the Rijksmuseum” will run from February 15 to June 10, 2019. It will display the Dutch artist’s 22 paintings, 60 drawings, and three-hundred examples of his prints. Later in the year, coinciding with Rembrandt’s death anniversary, the museum will present “Rembrandt-Velázquez”. In that exhibition, paintings of both the artists will be on display.

Besides holding the most extensive collection of Rembrandt’s paintings, comprising “The Night Watch”, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam offers the most comprehensive as well as representative overview of the artist’s work. Given the uncommonness and delicate state of several of his prints and drawings, “All the Rembrandts of the Rijksmuseum” would offer a great opportunity for visitors to discover Rembrandt as the artist, storyteller, and innovator.

The recent purchase of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit’s marriage portraits made the collection of the artist’s paintings in the museum the biggest in the world. With twenty-two paintings, including his self-portraits as a youngster and the Apostle Paul, it forms an overview of his life.

Of course, the highlight of the museum collection is “The Night Watch”. Those who have taken a Rijksmuseum tour will surely be familiar with the gallery named after the portrait. Interestingly, the ten-millionth visitor to it got an opportunity to spend the night in the gallery too.

The collection of Rembrandt’s drawings in the museum encompasses works from different periods of the artist and styles, and comprises several works from his early days. It will exhibit only the most beautiful prints of the artist, although those works range up to 1300. They are very fragile and rarely exhibited in public. So when you visit the museum when on an Amsterdam tour, you will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore Rembrandt’s rare works.

The exhibition “All the Rembrandts of the Rijksmuseum” will throw lights on distinct aspects of the artist’s life and works through several themes. The first section of the exhibit will present milestone works of his career as a young Dutch artist. The second section will focus on the surroundings of Rembrandt and the individuals in his life.

As a youngster, he honed the craft by creating portraits of his own mother, family members and acquaintances. He made a portrait of his wife named Saskia, who is shown as lying ill in a bed. He was fascinated by the world around him, which consisted of beggars, buskers, vagrants, and actors, and Rembrandt painted and drew portraits of many people whom he encountered in life.