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Amsterdam Tours

Visiting the Major Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam Sightseeing

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, has been the most sought over destinations in the world for decades now. The distinctive nature of the place with its mix of history and modernity attracts visitors from all over the world.

It differs from all other places with its liberal atmosphere and geographical diversity of canals and century-old buildings coexisting with the metropolis. Visiting Amsterdam is certainly an awe-inspiring experience, as the many famous attractions and sights will delight the visitors beyond measure.

Almost all these attractions are much busier and crowded with visitors at most times. When following an itinerary, it could get quite difficult in visiting all the locations within the scheduled time. However, following some of the tips mentioned below will definitely help you in avoiding the crowds at the locations and experience the many sights and highlights of the city to the fullest.

Proper Planning and Pre-booking

Almost all the major attractions and museums in the place have the option for pre-booking the entry tickets. This has tremendous advantage for the visitor in visiting the attractions at any time they please. It is an excellent measure to avoiding the crowds and lines at the ticket counters, which helps in saving valuable time.

Make sure to properly plan beforehand when visiting the sights and places. Check for places that offer the option of using digital tickets, since most of places accepts them. Getting the I Amsterdam City Card is even better, as it would be highly beneficial to make the most out of your visit to the city.

Museum Timings

It is important to know about the opening and closing time of the museums in Amsterdam while visiting them. This will vary dependent on the day of the week, as well as for different museums. For instance, the Van Gogh Museum has an extended closing time on Friday aside from its normal 09:00 am to 05:00 pm timing, whereas the Stedelijk Museum’s normal opening hours are 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

The photography museum Foam remains open until 09:00 pm on both Thursdays and Fridays. The famous Rijksmuseum is the busiest on weekends and the months of April, May, and August. The museum authorities recommend that the best time for visit is the opening time, at 09:00 am, or the closing time, after 03:00 pm.

Cycling Tours

Guided bike tours are another great way to fully experience the city of Amsterdam. Cycling is the preferred mode of transportation and utilizing guided bike tours would ensure that all the best attractions in the city are covered with the assistance of an expert guide.