Explaining the Commotion at Dam Square

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Dam Square Attractions

Dutch simply goes by the expletive tone “Dam”, putting the historical backdrop of the Dam Square in good humor. Located 700 meters south of the Central Amsterdam metro, this concrete filled tourist hub gets filled by crowds who tour Amsterdam for pleasure and fun. The place can get very busy in the tourist seasons and has changed into a great tourist hub.

Etymology of Dam Square

As per the story, a few hundred years ago the Dam square was a dam in itself stopping the inflow from the Amstel River. The Dutch don’t call this “Plein” either the vernacular for the “Plaza” which they use on the Museumplein.

What Is In Place the Dam Square?

Time Square, for instance, is such an incredibly difficult square to evacuate not so much the dam square. Tourists would have to spend some bucks to place billboards here. Apparently, this is the central hub of all commercial activities.

Selfie with Cars that Fly!

It is quite an experience being a tourist on the Dam square, taking selfies during Dutch carnivals. The Amsterdam tours are mildly busy on ordinary course of events, but when cars pop out of nowhere hubs do tend to get filled with people wanting selfies.

Three Attractions near Dam Square

Madam Tussaud Wax Museum

Nope, not the one in London, this wax museum is different. European celebrities, the DJ Tiesto for instance, are being divinely waxed in the museum. You would have a great time paying a visit to the historical museum to see the real life replica of Anne Frank and Mark Knopler!

People’s Departmental Store

A trading store is situated west to the dam square, one of those flagship departmental store chains in Netherlands. In fact, everyone pulls of social niceties especially those who are on tour Amsterdam.

Castles in Red Light District

A few blocks away from the dam square, you get to the famous Red light district of Netherlands De Wallen! De Wallen is the best-known red light district in Amsterdam.

Well, these are some of the attractions near Dam Square you should not miss in Amsterdam Tours. To be excited can mean a lot in the city of Amsterdam.