Exploring the Cat Loving Side of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is famous for many things, but only a few people know the cat loving side of the city. If you are cat lover planning to tour Amsterdam anytime soon, do not forget to explore the KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet) and De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat) in the city. Below is a brief look at what makes these places a must-see attraction in Amsterdam.


The KattenKabinet is a cat museum that was founded by Bob Meijer in the year 1990. He started the museum in the memory of his departed cat John Pierpont Morgan. Throughout the life of the cat, it received birthday gifts from Meijer’s friends, which included a cat statue made from bronze, paintings, and even a recreated dollar bill with the cat (Morgan) in place of Washington.

With all the pieces that his cat received as gifts, Meijer started the KattenKabinet museum in the bottom floor of his 1667 house. Meijer still lives in the upper floors of the house and the museum below displays many cat varieties in various mediums like sculptures, paintings, books, and posters. The place is decorated and the art works are displayed in the baroque style.

The cat collection has also partnered with establishments like the Van Gogh Museum to offer works of both feline and artistic importance. You can even find other cats of Meijer roaming around the place greeting the visitors. Like all the true collections of arts, the KattenKabinet has also released a catalogue of the works displayed, known as the “Cat-a-Logue”.

De Poezenboot

De Poezenboot is a cat sanctuary floating in the Amsterdam canal. Henriette van Weelde founded this floating animal sanctuary in 1966 and he started the place as a home for sick, stray, and abandoned cats. This houseboat accommodates almost fifty cats at this time, out of which fourteen are permanent residents. People visit the place to select cat for adoption and cat-loving tourists visit the place to check out the different cats.

De Poezenboot is a charity operation and works by the donations offered by the visitors. The money raised by the sanctuary goes to help Amsterdam cats. In addition, the Cat Boat Foundation pays to look after those cats whose owners cannot afford to care for them.

You can reach the place after a ten minutes walk from the central Amsterdam station. The place is open from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm for people who are on a tour Amsterdam, except on Sundays and Wednesdays.