Five Hidden Gems to See and Do in Amsterdam

Tour Amsterdam

Popular Tourist Attractions

Most visitors that tour Amsterdam mainly go to the popular attractions and neglect many other valuable places and things to do in the Dutch capital. Some of the popular tourist attractions in the city are best left out if you wish to truly indulge in a unique experience. In fact, Amsterdam has many such surprises that will surely delight you besides those tourist-flocked areas.

Visiting them is a sure way to experience the other side of Amsterdam, where there are no crowds or festivities. These places allow you to make the most of your Amsterdam tours while revealing to you various hidden things in the city that many tourists are unaware off.. Below are five hidden gems to see and do in Amsterdam.

The Moco Museum

The Moco Museum in the city of Amsterdam counts among some of the lesser known and visited attractions in Amsterdam. It is one of the best places if you wish to acquaint yourselves with the works of modern art. It features particularly the works of surrealist masters like Salvador Dali and major artists from other schools.

A’DAM Lookout

If you are longing for experiencing a bit of adventure, then you should definitely go for the A’DAM Lookout. Known as the highest swing in Europe, A’DAM Lookout offers you a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. You can access the swing, which is located on the observation deck of the tower. The 20-story rooftop has a restaurant and a bar that offers great delicacies along with a spectacular view of the city.

G’s Brunch Boat

Brunch is something that you should certainly while are going on a trip to Amsterdam. But what about having it on the go especially on a cruise abroad Amsterdam’s canals. G’s Brunch boat serves you with a variety of menus to choose from, all the while slowly cruising in the canals. It is a great way to satisfy your appetite and experience the canals of Amsterdam.

Damrak Gin Cruise

If you love the idea of having a brunch while cruising through the canals of Amsterdam, then imagine drinking Amsterdam’s distinctive Damrak gin when you are on a cruise. You can easily find tour operator who offer a one-hour tour across the canals of Amsterdam. Make sure to try the Damrak gin and listening to various interesting local stories, urban legends, and historic facts.

The Museum of Prostitution

Another rather bizarre yet equally interesting thing to see in Amsterdam is the Museum of Prostitution. It features what life in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light district is like. It offers you a way to listen to the experiences of women who work in these areas as well as many other evil trades that are exploiting prostitution.