A Guide to Explore the Art Weekend in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is home to a lot of contemporary art which includes world-famous paintings of Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt and is well-known for its Golden Ages. According to travelers across the globe, the best time to visit the place is during the Amsterdam Art Weekend.

Art Weekend of Amsterdam 

Art Weekend is an event that takes place in Amsterdam every year. Various museums, institutions and art galleries organize special events during this time to showcase the best of their contemporary artworks and to host art tours and special performances. The goal of Amsterdam Art Weekend is to showcase Amsterdam as a whole that attracts various artists from all parts of the world to Amsterdam. The major goal behind this is to make them look at the place as an international hub of contemporary art.

In spite of this event taking place only on four days in a year, some of the exhibitions are open for a longer period. Travelers who look forward to visiting Amsterdam Art Weekend can find more information about the dates and art events that are happening in Amsterdam in the calendar which is available on their website.

Where to Visit during Amsterdam Art Weekend 

Museums and galleries that participate in the Art Weekend of Amsterdam mostly have a purple banner at the entrances with the number by which they get marked on their official map. This makes it way easier for people who tour Amsterdam to find their way, especially for first-time visitors. Listed below are some of the places that are popularly visited by tourists during the Art Weekend in Amsterdam, and they are most often recommended for all tourists.

Open Studios at Rijksakademie

Rijksakademie is a popularly known international residency for artists. Artists who come from all parts of the world can stay at the Rijksakademie for two years. At this place, they are provided accommodation along with studios and supportive groups. The place is very famous as many established and popular artists started their careers there.

This place, which is usually closed to the general public, opens during the Art Weekend in Amsterdam, making it a great opportunity for the common people to explore some of the newest art movements and meet a few residents there.

Capital C

Contemporary art is showcased in various ways during the Art Weekend of Amsterdam, which makes it a great opportunity for people to see the works of younger artists. Capital C is a new hub dedicated to contemporary art. It is located at the old diamond cutting center, and had been renovated installing new glass roofs to give the building a modern touch.

The main idea behind this is to make Amsterdam into the creative capital of the world. They often do this by hiring contemporary artists to make changes in the interior design of the building, combing design and art, organizing free exhibitions, and gathering various creative communities at their workspaces.

During the Art Weekend in Amsterdam, several exhibitions like “Amsterdam: Collected” are organized mainly at the pop gallery which is located at the entrance of the building. It is believed to become a very important art hub that is dedicated to contemporary art.

Tip – Stan&Co is a popular restaurant which is located on the first floor of the building. It is a must-visit place for people who love to see the interiors of buildings.

Art Galleries of Contemporary Art

There are various other galleries including the Flatland Gallery, AKINCI, Grimm, Lumen Travo, Gallery Stevenson, Galerie Ron Mandos, etc. that participate in the Amsterdam Art Weekend and they are good choices to visit. Most of these galleries organize artists’ talks and performances or even small tours for people who tour Amsterdam during this time.

AKINCI organized an exhibition named ‘Heroines Now’ with works of five female artists all of which explored the various positions of women in today’s society. In the gallery Lumen Travo, an artist named Thierry Oussou was taking classes for tourists on how to play the board game Adji, and it was regarded as an inspiration to the exhibition named “Political Strategy “organized by the same artist.

The famous painter Jacco Olivier also was found talking about his works at the same place. He also animated some elements of his famous paintings and brought life to it in aa very wonderful way.

Stedelijk Museum 

This can be the last stop of a day for many artists who spend their whole day exploring the museums that take part in the Amsterdam Art Weekend. ‘The Factory’ is a popular exhibition organized by the famous Mexican contemporary artist, Carlos Amorales. The exhibition is a great retrospective through the works that are displayed there. Most people find ‘Black Cloud’ as their favorite piece that consists of around thirty thousand paper-made butterflies that spread over some rooms of the museum. This can be a great way to put an end to the Art Weekend in Amsterdam.