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Amsterdam Tours

When it comes to making memories, there is no better place than Amsterdam. From touring the beautiful canals to exploring artworks, the things you could do during Amsterdam tours are endless. Here is a short note on the things you could be doing and the places you could be visiting while you tour Amsterdam.

Swing Aloft This Beautiful City

Swing above this low-rise beauty in a skyscraper in the back of the Central Station. This giant swing will take you nearly 100 meters up in the sky and you can freely enjoy this city that boasts about its history and beauty. If you thought bungee jumping excites you, wait until you try this. Since you are already here, you might as well enjoy it while the city is lit up with the flickering lights. Believe me, it is one in a million experience and is worth every penny! The timings are 10 am to 10 pm, 9 pm being the last entry slot.

History Through The Eyes Of A Quondam Orphanage

The objects, treasures, and works of art that form part of the Amsterdam Museum have their own stories to tell. Some depict the illustrious history of the city. A few of the displays showcased in the museum illustrates the former events that hold an important place in the history of the city. Founded in the year 1520, this was an erstwhile orphanage called Burgerweeshuis or the Municipal Orphanage. One of the moving sights of this orphanage you see is the lockers allotted to the inmates of the orphanage. Another extraordinary work of art to look out for is Cornelis Anthoniszoon’s work. Painted in 1538, this is an aerial view of this mesmerizing city. They are open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm every day.

Cruise The Canals

The water is calling. Indeed, a canal trip sounds like a touristy thing and be proud to have added this to your itinerary. The hotspot of the majority of the cruises happens to be Central Station. If you have a particular interest in architecture, then you will truly enjoy the ride.  Please note that the departure time varies daily.

The Eighth Wonder Of The 17th Century

I am referring to the Royal Palace which was often called the eighth wonder during the 17th century. At the height of Amsterdam’s golden era, this was the Amsterdam City Hall. This building stands as a celebration of the city’s metropolitan might and mercantile predominance. Although the frontage isn’t overwhelming, the interiors of the building tell an entirely different story that you cannot afford to miss out on.