Moving around Amsterdam on a Bike

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Thousands of bikes can be seen lined up in the parking lots nearby the Dutch monuments, canal tour entry points, and at many more public spaces in Amsterdam. In fact, the capital city of the Netherlands has got a long history of bike transportation for ages. Today, the bike-friendly metropolis is a perfect place for all those who love to roam around the city at their comfort. So, get your bike ready, and have a safe, cheap, quiet ride across the intricate streets of Amsterdam.

Renting a Bike

Having heard about the cycling culture of Amsterdam, tourists will be very much excited to ride on a bike across the city. Renting a bike all for you will turn out to be a good idea for that. You may prefer renting them for a single day or a couple of days as per your preference.

It is more like driving a car at your comfort in any cities, as there are separate lanes, parking lots, insurance, and even stoplights especially for bikes in Amsterdam. Plus, biking is governed by rules and infrastructure. With all these benefits, which can be availed to any biker, they claim to be the most comfortable mode of transportation in Amsterdam.

Riding a Bike

It may sound a bit strange to the outsiders to ride a bike without a helmet in a city full of jam-packed streets. However, it is the norm in Amsterdam. In fact, a rider with a helmet on will be a rare scene in the entire country. Yet in spite of this general practice, the safety of your ride is of your personal concern when you tour Amsterdam on a bike.

Note that there are a lot of trams and their baffling tracks in the city, which can turn out to be a nightmare for a bike. Quite a many casualties have also been reported due to the jamming of the wheels of a bike in the tram tracks. Besides, there are also an alarming number of scooter-and-bike accidents in the city, which has even made the government take initiatives to ban them. So following all the traffic rules carefully, and riding the bike safely, should be your goal.

Riding in Winter

Driving vehicles in winter is always a risky thing; the same goes for bikes as well. You need to have that perfect lighting to ride in winter. The situation worsens at night, when the streets of Amsterdam become foggy. Hence, it is better to opt for public transportation in winter.

Moreover, you also need to consider the pedestrian zone when on the streets. The first preference is always given to the pedestrians in most of the nations, so is the case with the Netherlands too. There are ‘No-Bike Zones’ and sidewalks in Amsterdam retained for pedestrians. Bikes are supposed to ride in their specified bike lanes.