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Amsterdam is one of the best options to include in your bucket list. There are many reasons to back this statement. The first one is obviously the enchanting appeal of the city that boasts a number of picturesque canals and captivating bridges. In order to add to the overall magnificence, you can see colorful tulip blooms in every nook and cranny of Amsterdam city. Apart from this, Amsterdam holds one of the top positions when it comes to cultural diversity. Hence, taking an Amsterdam tour will be a great option if you want to enjoy different things under a single roof.

Another main highlight in the Dutch capital that is sure to make your trip a rocking and exciting one is the picturesque beaches here. Even though most people opt for a beach vacation during the summertime, it is better to go for it directly after the summer. Note that there will be a number of water sports options and other things to do at these beaches. In summer, it will be really hard for you to enjoy your beach time to the fullest because of the scorching heat. So, it will be ideal to visit the city between September and November if you are a beach lover.

Get into the water and enjoy the feel of warm sunrays, cool breeze, and splashes of water on your body. Else, simply lie on the sandy ground and enjoy the scenery taking a sip of your favorite beverage. Exploring the best beaches in and around the city will be a great option to consider when you tour Amsterdam, especially if you are tight on budget. In order to help you out with this, below is a list of the best urban beaches in and around the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam Roest (Amsterdam Oost)

Amsterdam Roest is one of the best urban beaches in the Netherlands and it is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam. The ambiance offered by this place is really indefinable; when you drive towards the beach, you can see the beautiful and slow transformation of a bustling city into a hippy village. As reminiscent of the bygone industrial era, you can see some junkyard and an old warehouse on the shore.

In the Amsterdam Oost, there is a scenic canal and a large sandy beach where you can wash out all your tiredness and re-energize yourself. In addition, there are many indoor as well as outdoor bars and cafes here. These eateries are counted as some of the best nightspots in the city.

Pllek (Amsterdam Noord)

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If you are looking forward to enjoying some peaceful time in the midst of the bustling Amsterdam city, a trip to Amsterdam Noord will be just perfect. In order to reach Pllek, just cross the IJ from the central station in order to reach NSDM and walk down a little bit from here. This amazing urban beach will be a great option, especially for beer and momo lovers. Get your favorite food from Pllek and relish it sitting on the beanbags by the beach. If you are here at night, the ambiance will be really incredible since you can expect music, bonfire, dancing, and all. Besides, ferry rides are another highlight here.

Strandzuid (Amsterdam Zuid)

Strandzuid is another chilling spot in the southern part of the city that you may visit when you tour Amsterdam. It is located in between the Beatrixpark and Amsterdam RAI. This amazing beach complex is situated next to a spectacular lake and there is a chic restaurant here that boasts a spacious beer deck. When you are here, do not miss to take a sunbath at any of your personal spots and to have some fun by taking part in ping-pong matches with your friends. The best time to visit Strandzuid is at night; the restaurant will be illuminated with a number of antique warm lighting options and colorful decors.

Blijburg Aan Zee (Amsterdam Oost)

Unlike all other urban beaches, Blijburg aan Zee is not located at the center of the city; you will have to move a little farther from the city in order to reach this heavenly place. Once you are here, the holiday vibes and restaurant options on the beach shore is sure to make you go wow. Note that Blijburg aan Zee is located in an artificial island known as IJburg and the place is easily accessible by means of bikes or tram service. One of the main attractions here is the different types of water activities.

After enjoying your favorite sports, settle down at any of your favorite sandy spots and order your food and beverages to your spot if you love it outdoors. At night, the whole place will be transformed into a nice bohemian village where you can listen to thudding music and enjoy a bonfire.