Three Best Activities to Do in the Netherlands This Easter Weekend

Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

There is nothing quite like spending Easter in the Dutch capital. After enduring a bitterly cold season, the first rays of sunshine and the abundance of springtime delights can make your spirits soar. This is the time when several families reemerge, to have a good time on terraces and playgrounds, while many others tour Amsterdam on bicycle and foot. Easter presents the chance to do all these things and more while you are in the Netherlands.

Easter among the Seasonal Flowers

Millions of flower bulbs, including the famous tulip bulbs, bloom in the Keukenhof Gardens each year, which is surely a must-see location in the Netherlands. The Keukenhof Gardens will stay open from March 21 to May 19, 2019. “Flower Power” is this year’s theme for the self-proclaimed “most beautiful spring garden in the world”. Beside the windmills, this is definitely one of the picturesque sights you need to catch which in the country. Children get to string their own gardens, as well as take photographs with the annual “Easter Bunny”.

Sightseeing Adventure Like No Other

Several tourists also take trips to the Zaanse Schans neighbourhood, making for busy weekends at what is one of the most popular destinations in the country. The residential area has been held very much in the style of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In Zaanse Schans, you would find a cheese factory, a bakery museum, a pewter foundry, a warehouse where clog is made, wooden houses, barns, mills, workshops, and a variety of windmills. It is particularly beautiful during the spring season, with lambs skipping around the Kalverpolder fields and the windmill blades turning in the breeze. Zaanse Schans has that old-world charm to it, especially during spring.

Visit the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Families spend precious time with their kids when on holiday. If you are planning to head here this Easter season, then seek out the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo to enjoy an Easter special breakfast buffet, along with quite a view of the zebras and giraffes. Take your kids on a walk through the Zoo, and learn fascinating things about the species here. The place has an aquarium where you would be encircled by coral reefs, tropical fishes, and sharks. What better way to make your Easter Amsterdam tours highly memorable, than whiling away hours at the country’s oldest existing zoo?