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Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, is one of the finest cities in Europe. With its gorgeous canals and rich history, the city sells itself to tourists from all over the globe. Statistics shows that Amsterdam city attracts more than three million visitors per year, featuring many unexplored nooks and corners that are untouched by mainstream Amsterdam tours.

Rembrandtpark is one such destination that the city has to offer. It is an urban park located in the New West district, and is home to one of the oldest petting zoos, the Uylenberg.

The History of the Rembrandtpark

The park was initially a place where flowers and plants were commercially grown and it began to develop in 1957. It was named after the renowned painter Rembrandt van Rijn, and was actually constructed in the early 70’s. Today, the park is as big as the Vondelpark that is situated to its east side. The place is a favorite spot among those who tour Amsterdam, owing to its slow pace, quiet surroundings, and larger picnic areas.

The Children’s Place

The Uylenberg, started in 1973, houses peacocks, pigs, horses, and much more. Apart from the Uylenberg, the park offers many things that would help children expand their imagination. The adventure playground, or the Het Landje, is a small place located on an island inside the park, where children from ages 6 to 14 can make huts, rent pets like guinea pigs and rabbits, and take part in cooking, crafts, and much more.

Children can also raft, take part in pony rides, theater camps, or play at the updated playground in Rembrandtpark. They can also purchase soft drinks, snacks, and chocolates at a shop located on the property.

Best Place for Fitness Lovers

The place is a retreat for avid runners and offers a free outdoor gym at the south end. The gym is named “No Nonsense Gym” and features fitness machines and weights that anyone on Amsterdam tours can use for a workout enjoying the serenity of the park. The place also hosts events like the Rembrandtpark Festival, which is held annually in September.

If you would like to visit quite and serene places in the city, make sure to ask your tour Amsterdam guide to include Rembrandtpark in your tour itinerary. The park is worth a visit.